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    Yesterday at my work I was talking with a few girls about sex. One who recently got married mentioned she was disappointed with her sex life – apparently her husband only likes to have sex once every couple of days, leaving her dissatisfied. Another girl asked me if my boyfriend ever says ‘no’ to sex, and seemed surprised when I confirmed that he does, on occasion, turn down sex.

    So, I got to thinking about gendered sexual stereotypes. Men are stereotyped as being constantly eager for sex, while I think womens’ sexual desires are downplayed in stereotypes. What are your opinions on these stereotypes? Have they affected your expectations or the expectations of someone you know?


    They’re certainly some very tired stereotypes, aren’t they @Aunt_Flo? Why can’t we just accept we’re all people and energy levels and desires fluctuate naturally!? But really, I don’t find these stereotypes have particularly affected my experiences and expectations. If we were talking about how female orgasm is viewed, however, it would be quite different.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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