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    Here’s a very interesting article from The Guardian. Pupils in France will soon be using 3D models of a clitoris in sexual education classes. What a step forward! Looking at the model, I can’t say I’ve ever imagined my clitoris to look that way!


    I agree @Aunt_Flo! I never thought it looked like that! 


    I think this is amazing!!! I only learned it looked that way in the last couple years from doing a degree in sexology… but I don’t think people should have to do a whole degree in it to get accurate information about their bodies! Its only anatomy at the end of the day! Yet another thing I wish I had learned in high school sex ed  😀

    This also has a lot of application for pleasure and treating sexual dysfunction as well! The clitoris is so large and the “legs” can be stimulated as well from pressure lower down in between the labia. If we teach women that there is more to the structure of the clitoris it can help with anorgasmia and sexual interest/arousal disorders!


    There is an amazing startup/company/webseries/interactive game thing called OMGYES that I am a massive fan of – basically their whole thing is centered around women’s pleasure and how different women feel it. It has like full on instructional videos showing how women masturbate (for the curious, it is obviously NSFW but I’d highly recommend it as even I learned a few things about my own body!). It isn’t set up as something that is supposed to be arousing, it is kinda cool because it is literally like “this is what my clitoris looks like, this is how I touch it to pleasure myself, here, you try to create the same pleasure on me with your mouse.” Pretty cool. 


    @kindofsquishy that is so cool. Yeah I think I was super lucky that I was with a confident girl when I was young and we sort of figured stuff out together. Most guys in their 20s/30s have no clue what to do.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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