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    Did you know you can get an STI test done online???? OUTRAGEOUS!! Also, cool? I didn’t know this was a thing until today tbh! I think it’s a really cool way to figure out if there’s anything serious going on without having the hassle of booking GP appointments – though if there is cause for concern please do see a health care professional! I’ve been tested in person already but I think I’d give online testing a go in the future!

    What about you, have you heard of online testing? Have you tried it? Would you?

    Where to get an STI test | Online Testing | What IS online testing?


    That’s crazy! How does it work exactly?
    I only heard of it just recently, I feel like it’s a good idea for those who are too nervous to actually ask their GP for one!


    I’m not too sure how it works exactly to be honest @goldenrose, I haven’t gotten the chance to use it before though the website does seem very detailed! (The ones in the links I’ve provided in the top post)!

    Maybe @nurse_nettie can share some more information on how online testing works?


    Hey @tea, great topic! Yes, online testing is a thing! 🙂

    Online testing allows you to print a referral form, skip talking to a doctor or nurse, and go straight to a pathology centre to get tested. (Pathology centres are those places you drop-in when your doctor sends you to give a blood or other sample). It means no appointment, no examination and no sexual health discussion. Results are usually given over the phone. It’s a great option for people just wanting a simple STI check. People who have symptoms or who have a sexual partner who has recently been diagnosed with an STI should still visit a doctor or clinic.

    link you provided is for people in WA only. There are option in NSW though! For example, people in inner city Sydney can get bulk-billed testing through stitest.org.au. That means if you have a Medicare Card it’s free. There are also private companies that offer similar services that are open to anyone in NSW, however fees apply (this is sometimes still cheaper for people who don’t have Medicare than visiting a GP).


    Printed forms and over the phone chats? Am I in love with this health care model? Yes @nurse_nettie thank you SO much for this information! Online testing is so cool and accessible I’m so glad it exists!

    Thank you for linking to more local services also!


    @tea this is amazing!! I’m always so amazed at some clinic’s in the UK that have a shoot on the wall to send all your samples in (watch this Hannah Witton video to see what I mean!), it seems so cool and high-tech but online?!?! That’s next level. I love how much more efficient technology enhancements can make our every day life – particularly something that can be a little nerve-wracking like an STI check!


    I tried out these guys Get a STD/STI Test Online was pretty painless. Saved me the hassle of visiting a doctor for the referral and had the results back in a few days via their app. I’m in NSW but looks like it’s a national service.


    @RumMonkey That’s great that you had a positive experience! So convenient that you can the results via their app too!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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