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    So I noticed my boyfriend has this weird, fleshy lump on the end of his
    penis, sort of underneath the top bit. He reckons it’s always been there
    and it’s part of his foreskin but I’ve never noticed it, and I’m scared
    to sleep with him in case its something bad. I don’t think he wants to
    go see a doctor cos he doesn’t think it’s anything wrong. Should I make
    him go? He’s starting to get mad at me for not having sex with him.


    Hey @Essie! Welcome to the boards. I’m going to bring @Nurse_Nettie into this one – she’s the expert on all things lumpy and bumpy. I’m sorry your boyfriend is getting mad at you for not having sex with him. You’ve said you don’t think he wants to go to the doctor – have you asked him? Is it possible for you to communicate with him that going to the doctor would give you peace of mind (and is a generally good idea as part of a regular sexual health check!)?


    @Essie, it can be worrying to find a mystery lump, but there’s a good chance it’s absolutely harmless! Check out my run through of common causes of lumps & bumps here! It covers both the normal stuff (skin tags, moles, pearly penile papules -yes, that’s a real thing!) that so often gets mistaken for an STI plus everything you need to know about genital warts – the number one STI around! Of course, if there’s any doubt, the only way to know for sure is to have it checked!

    Good on you for thinking about these things and making choices for yourself! It can be awkward to bring up and hard to stand your ground, but I agree with @Aunt_Flo communication is key!


    I only recently learnt about the penile papules, I had never heard of them before

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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