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    I realised the other day that, although I had sex education at school and ‘the talk’, I learned a lot about sex from friends and from television.

    Not necessarily about the act of sex itself, but about terms and words that relate to sex and sexuality.

    When I was in grade 6, a friend said ‘raise your hand if you’re a virgin’. I didn’t raise my hand because I had no idea what that meant at the time! I learnt then after people starting making a fuss.

    How did you learn about sex? Do you think it benefitted you to learn it that way?

    What’s something about sex that you didn’t know about, that friends, family, or pop culture educated you about?


    A had no idea how sex worked when I was young – I used to think it meant when two people hugged and kissed at the same time hahaha (sort of)..

    I only found out about what sex actually was one day when I was jumping on the trampoline with a friend who just randomly blurted it out to me matter-of-factly.

    Strange experience!

    I guess I learnt more of the terms and phrases about sex through friends, TV shows, books and my parents.


    I learnt the most from my parents, sex was always an open and honest conversation in my house and I’m super grateful for that. It’s probably the reason I am how I am today – super honest and open about sex!
    I learnt quite a bit through popular culture too, so TV shows and magazines. Dolly Doctor taught me so much!


    That’s great @sextronaut.

    Ahhh the sealed section of Dolly magazine. That taught me the answer to questions I didn’t know I had…and probably still wouldn’t have thought of without Dolly Doctor!


    The ‘medical’ side of sex, birth control, how babies are made yada yada yada was straight from my mum. She bought my younger brother and I a book called “Where Willy Went” about a very fast sperm, and had a little family read along haha. She was very clear and clinical about it, but I suppose that comes from the medical background.

    , @sextronaut Yes definitely the sealed section of dolly! Cosmo on the other hand was totally traumatic and had so much AWFUL advice and misinformation. There’s one ‘sex tip’ I still remember which was about putting fruit inside your vagina to encourage your partner to eat you out, and still, all I can think about is a raging yeast infection, or funky fruit. D:

    I think I was mostly self educated by you tubers like Lacey green, once upon a time, and lots of reading Scarlateen online!


    @kitkat the bad (maybe it’s good? Can’t say I’ve tried it) sex tip I remember from Cosmo was for someone to put their penis through the whole of a doughnut and have their partner eat it to spice up oral sex.

    The fruit one sounds a lot worse, though!

    I heard a segment the radio yesterday about debunking sex myths that feature in hip hop, like backing up on it, making your ass ‘clap’ etc. I hadn’t thought of that as a way people might hear about sex until now!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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