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    How important is it to exercise before sex?

    Okay so does anyone else get MAJOR cramps when they’re having sex? Because I do, and it can ruin the mood sometimes because I’ll need to stop for a good 10 minutes until my body stops being a pain in the ass (sometimes literally, butt cramps are serious ok).Just how important is it to exercise before sex?

    Does anyone stretch before having sex? Or do you have any tips on how to reduce cramping up during sexy times? Is it necessary?


    I had a partner who got butt cramps during sex once. His reaction was pretty funny, he kinda leapt up grabbing his butt and howling. I know potassium is good for muscular cramps. Maybe a pre-sex banana?


    I more so get sore legs rather than cramps. Maybe give stretching a go, it might not be a bad idea. 


    I used to get a lot of lower back pain during and after! I would suggest something like yoga that builds your core strength! Everything comes down to core strength in one’s ability to hold positions etc. 


    Both my partner and I have had to stop and give the other a massage because of a mid-coital cramp. Thankfully, we can laugh at one another, and get right back to it – after changing positions though.

    I always get foot and leg cramps!


    @ElleBelle I love that ‘pre-sex banana’ you could totally profit off of that! Imagine food marketed towards sexy times, maybe the bananas could be tattooed with something sex related to separate them from the non-pre-sex bananas 😆

    @EarthMama I keep trying to get into yoga but I do it for a day or two and then lose the motivation to keep going. I guess being able to have better sex is a good motivator though!


    So I can’t lay claim to sex cramps, but I have rather infamously bad leg cramps (like they last for 10-12 hours, and scare the crap out of doctors because I get a bulging knot sticking out of the back of my upper or lower leg).

    Turns out, they were caused by my bodily processing salt/potassium too quickly combining with drinking too much water (yes that’s a thing), causing a deficiency. I stopped worrying about the levels of salt in my diet (and feeling guilty about putting extra salt on my food, especially chips), and things got better. I’ve been told by so many people that I eat too much salt, but every single blood panel I do shows low salt and potassium. 

    So all of that comes down to me recommending a banana a day and, unless you like to pour salt down your throat, stop worrying about how much salt you eat on your food (because as with vitamin B, your body will expel any excess you don’t require).


    @MsBlueStreak Oh thank you so much for the tip! Bananas are so amazing!! I can relate to the horrible leg cramps too, I’ve gotten the same thing a few times (I haven’t had one in a while though, knock on wood), but it was so bad one time I was in the shopping centre and I got one out of nowhere! I started crying and fell on the floor because it hurt so bad, a security guard even had to come up and ask me if I was okay. So embarrassing  :#


    Oh yes, major mood killer! Leg cramps have absolutely ruined sexy times in the past and I’ve found the issue is usually a lack of hydration (think about it, you’re probably quite warm, exerting energy for awhile and losing fluids through other means), so stay hydrated folks 😉


    I am so lazy that the idea of EXTRA exercise makes me shudder. Sex is hard enough work on my frail frame.


    @kit I really need to drink more water in general tbh! I’ve started keeping a glass of water nearby when I have sex now, just in case I start to really sweat it out haha

    honestly same! Although, I’ve been hitting the gym a lot more recently and wow does it pay off!! I can do so much more than I used to and I can keep things going for soo much longer.. 😉

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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