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    Hi guys,

    I’m in a long term relationship and recently I’ve noticed me and my partner are having way less sex then we used too when we first got together. Recently we’ve been super tired and stressed with work and seem to not make the time for sex as much as we used to 🙁

    Has anyone else been through this?

    Anyone have any tips on how to keep your sex life alive?



    I’ve definitely been through this.

    I think the thing that has helped the most is to not dwell on it. If you or your partner wants to talk about then by all means, but otherwise don’t let it linger like a cloud over your head. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or down about, and I don’t think it says anything negative about your relationship. Stress is such an enormous mood killer on its own, plus it does seem like sex has ebbs and flows in long term relationships.

    I find that a small, spontaneous bit of intimacy here or there can get things going again, slowly but surely. I’m talking something as small as a random kiss or the lips or cheek, or a sudden cuddle. It’s little things that can really help and start to ease the pressure on being intimate.

    Also – just making them time can help too. Make a certain day of the week day night, even if you just cook a nice dinner at home or get take out or watch a favourite movie. Make the point of the night you two spending some time together and see how you go from there!

    Hope you’re going okay with work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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