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    Hey mods and Play Safe forum participants,

    I wanted to start a thread where people can get together to talk about how you are looking after yourself even with all the uncertainty and the new normal of staying home.

    So here’s some helpful links to keep pinned to the top:
    Up to date information from the NSW Government / NSW Health

    Coronavirus supplement from Centrelink (Welfare assistance) Note. if you are already receiving Ausstudy or Newstart you will automatically get the increase and one off payment. If you have lost your job you can register your intention to claim via MyGov and you will be back paid to the date you submitted this intention to claim.

    Mental health support

    I am working from home at the moment and have had a cold the last few days so I am social isolating until I am better. I’ve been video-calling my friends, doing a little workout routine each morning (it takes 15 minutes if you’d like me to share it) and keeping the house super tidy. What have you been getting up too?

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