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    Hey guys! Happy Queermas

    This year i was in my first mardi gras float and it was SO much fun!!

    What did everyone do for the night? What are your thoughts on Mardi Gras?


    I’m so jealous! I love Mardi Gras so much but this year didn’t work out so well for me. I got stuck in a crowd on the parade sidelines which was so tightly packed that it was really difficult to get out. I’m super short so I missed most of it, too. 🙁 When it realised it wasn’t ‘sparking joy’ I decided to leave a bit earlier to avoid the public transport madness afterwards. I went with international friends who didn’t really know what it was about/that it was crowded so they were super relaxed about leaving and I was just like ‘guuuuuys I want to be there now!’ Next year I’m making sure I get there early, or am going to be a part of the parade. Which float were you on?


    I love queer Christmas!! @sextronaut I’m so sorry you didn’t have a nice experience! Love the sparking joy mentality haha

    I had a good time! I didn’t go to the parade because I’ve seen it once already and I figure that’s enough. I ended up going to the Unicorns party which was amazing, I love the community that party brings. Stayed out until 3am when we had to leave the venue! Good times.


    Ugh @sextronaut I feel you, I always want to be on time and get so frustrated when people take forever to leave! Some of my friends didn’t get to Mardi Gras till like 8 pm which is so crazy to me. I was sick at home unfortunately (am much better now)! I love Unicorns @tea! Always so fun and the costumes are amazing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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