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    Hi @Nurse_Nettie
    Just a question born out of scientific interest/curiosity. Is there any way to monitor the level of hormones being released from the implanon once in the body? Like any fluctuations or if there’s a risk of it breaking and releasing too much? We have blood glucose monitors that are widely used in clinic, so there should definitely be one for things like this, especially given the consequences are pretty serious if something goes wrong. 



    What an interesting question! I had never thought about this! Thanks for asking, I’m keen to learn 🙂



    I had no idea there was likely to be a fluctuation – I just presumed it was always the same and therefore something that didn’t need to be thought about.


    Hi @champagnepapi. Great inventions were born out of scientific curiosity! The answer is yes. Hormorne levels released by Implanon can be monitored. In fact when the contraception was invented ‘pharmocokinetic’ studies related to its absorption, metabolism & elimination were extensively performed. That’s the reason we know that Implanon lasts for only 3 years. Blood glucose levels need regularly monitoring as insulin & sugar intake varies day to day. As Implanon releases a controlled amount of hormone monitoring is not usually or routinely performed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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