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    I’m sure you’ve heard Australian Instagramers can no longer see the number of likes on individual posts!

    According to some studies Instagram is the most damaging social media platform for mental health in users aged 14-24

    Instagram hopes the change will restore focus to the images being shared, not their perceived popularity. In part I also think it will benefit users mental health by not contributing to downfalls of social media such as bringing on feelings of anxiety, depression, bullying and a “fear of missing out.”

    What do you think Instagram users? Do you *like* instagrams new update? Do you feel it removes pressure of popularity over the number of likes we get on each photos?


    I’m so for Instagram removing likes!

    Since they’ve removed them I get less anxious about posting pictures, beforehand I would even stress about what time to post the picture for ‘optimal’ likes. I like it will encourage people to post what they actually want to post rather than what will get the most likes.

    It’s kind of disheartening when you post a picture and it doesn’t get many likes and it’s hard not to let it get it to you.


    I’m not sold yet! I agree in so many ways in the above points for personal photos and not wanting to enhance negative perceptions on popularity (mostly because I post photos of plants or food, I’m not after likes.. ;).

    But… I used to like seeing how many likes a meme or Betoota article would get, as an idea of who was also agreed with something, if that makes sense? haha


    I think this is such a great move, to remove a level of kinda of meta-judgement we put on everything we do and consume!


    I think it’s a good move. I read an article a when this first happened that interviewed a bunch of Instagram “influencers” on what they thought of it, and even they agreed that it was something that would lead to a better and less toxic culture on the app. I think it’s morphed over the years into something that it was never intended to be, that platform for building clout and getting attention and sponsorship and stuff like that. If their brand or image can’t hold its own weight without flashing a number of followers (many of which can actually be bought anyway, soooo….) then maybe the don’t really need or deserve that sponsorship. Just a thought. I’m more than happy for the focus to direct back on people just sharing beautiful images or moments from their life. And the memes haha


    One thing that I’ve noticed since the removal of likes is that every third post is an advertisement and because of the removal of likes they blend into your feed more easily – I’ve nearly like sponsored posts on a couple of occasions and I’m like ‘you tricky lil operator Zuckerberg’. I am cynical about the motive and think it has to do with advertising $ above mental health.

    I agree with @will that I miss seeing how popular some news articles, memes or satire were but overall I am really enjoying posting more because I fell into the trap of checking for likes – now I don’t notice and I think overall my user experience has improved. Agree @kitkat remove that meta judgement!


    Hmmm I’m not sold either… I think on a grand scale it is probably for the best, but unlike @stephaniaaaah and @goldrenrose, I am finding myself less likely to post because the gratification of getting that social approval has lessened. Definitely important for self-awareness to recognise how I (and countless others) use the platform for approval and for the odd hit of dopamine, but it has become less interesting to me now somehow… Anyone else feel this?


    hmm great take @earthmama ! I didn’t think of that.

    Honestly I’m divided – on one hand I am SO tired of the ‘sameness’ of everyone trying to look the same and using presets on the other hand my artist side see’s how valuable the platform can be for reaching a broader audience and gaining fans / people who will pay for and love my work!

    I’m thinking of taking a social media detox for 30 days. Anyone done that recently?

    I was watching a Struthless video and his take was the thing that drained him every day was Instagram – He said he downloads the app every time he wants to post something then deletes it afterwards haha instead of just clicking in a checking it and scrolling through the void.


    So cool to hear everyones feedback!

    I’ve really found so far after instagram has removed likes numbers I have felt less anxious at checking how many likes I have and its made me realise how much that does affect my mental health and sense of self esteem! Crazy! However @earthMama I think I feel the same too! I post way less without being able to get that instant gratification to be honest I’m probably subconsciously less interested in posting all together now! woah!

    So true on the advertisements now I think of it @stephaniaaaah

    Also recently I’ve been on a complete phone detox since I lost my phone nearly two weeks ago (cry). I’ve found it sort of nice though to not be constantly connected and I think its really challenged me to engage more especially in those situations where we all tend to look down at our phones instead of just talking to new people. I’ve even had conversations with people on the bus recently!

    On the other hand, I’ve felt a bit lost and frazzled without having the time, google maps, messenger, my calendar and emails with me where ever I go. I now have to plan ahead for everything and write down addresses on paper before I leave the house!


    oh no @curiousss that’s a tragedy! I think I would be lost without my phone now – It kind of takes me back to before smartphones when you’d have to drive to the servo and look up the address of where you were going in the street directory and write down Left/Right instructions to follow to get to where you were going haha the stress of it all! I understand why you would feel frazzled.

    The day before yesterday I deleted the Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp apps from my phone, I’m already surprised how much less time I spend on my phone, kind of feels like I’ve got a bit of my life back and I don’t feel like I am missing out at all yet


    I love the new changes, though I never used Instagram much myself – I think it’s really important in helping young people from engaging in ‘comparison culture’ too much.

    Though I agree with @will because I’d often look at how many likes something got to see if it was ‘agreed’ upon or not, in a sense? Or is that kind of a toxic mentality too, I’m not sure.

    @stephaniaaaah How good is a techno-detox tho!!! I’m big on using those ‘timer’ functions on smartphones now where it times you out of apps at a time you make (for me I set my socials on 5 minutes of use per day) anything more than that just seems unnecessary to me. And I have so much time do actually be productive and DO things without staring at my phone for 5 hours.


    This is the correct update because now teenagers are constantly on Instagram.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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