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    I’m very self conscious because I’m naturally always wet and even worse during foreplay and sex. I feel embarrassed by it and am just wondering if anyone else is this way? And if the guys out there think there’s such a thing as being too wet? I’ve only been with 2 partners and neither complained about it but it’s still something I’m personally insecure about.


    Hey @clovergirl, thanks for bringing this up. As Nurse Nettie, I hear from lots of young people who are worried about whether their vaginal fluid is normal or not. The ‘wetness’ you’re describing is a sign your vagina is self-lubricating in response to being turned-on. Lubrication decreases friction and is an important part of what makes sex feel good. The vagina is also self-cleaning and different kinds of discharge are normal throughout your cycle. Girls, in particular, can get the message that their bodies have to be neat and tidy, but in reality, all bodies create fluids, have smells and even make funny sounds. All bodies can be a bit messy.


    Hey @clovergirl, it’s so normal! I’ve been worried in the past of the opposite and felt like I needed to use lots of lube to accomodate, but actually if you have good foreplay and feel aroused then being wet is great! It makes sex feel so much better, so defo nothing to be embarrassed of!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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