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    This article looks at Vasalgel, the first ever LARC (that is, long-acting reversible contraceptive) for males. It may be released as early as 2018. It’s exciting to see contraceptive options develop! What do you guys think of this? Given that the onus for birth control seems to (at least culturally) rest a lot on women, do you think it’ll be well-received and used?


    I’ve never heard of Vasalgel before so thanks for sharing.

    It’s always good to have another contraception option to choose from. This could be a great answer for couples where the female contraception or condoms aren’t working well.

    However, I think you’re right about the current culture of birth control being focused on women. Does this means there needs to be a culture change before male LARCs could be widely used?


    Never heard of Vasalgel too. Yes, women always have this feeling, i guess, that it’s unfair that most of the contraceptive methods focus on women. I know men can use condom and permanent method, sterilization.  So, this male LARCs will be a big development.


    At least the LARC sounds less painful than a reversible vasectomy!


    What a great option! Lot’s of people can’t use birth control or condoms so it’s excellent to have options!


     I love the idea of sharing some of the responsibility!
    Although i personally wouldn’t stop taking birth control because my partner started taking contraceptives. I’d see it as a double protective method.


    Reverse Vasectomy…heres a question for @Nurse_Nettie…if a man has a Vasectomy….theoretically let’s say it isnt reversible…is there still options for him to conceive with his partner with his sperm?


    @Lube_Man vasectomy is really meant as a permanent method of contraception since surgical reversal doesn’t always work. That said, conception may be possible, even without reversing a vasectomy, by removing sperm directly from the testicle and using it to fertilise an egg through IVF.


    Wonder how many people would be interested in the male hormone
    injection, its quite a few years away but an interesting idea to
    increase the contraceptive options


    wow I never even knew this was a thing!!! 

    It will be a nice day where there is equal responsibility for birth control instead of “just get the pill” or “why aren’t you on the pill” etc etc 


    Wow I’ve heard about this being in beta before but I didn’t realise it could be available as early as 2018! This will be such a great thing for everyone to be held more accountable for their own bodies and safety of their partners. 


    This is exciting! I wonder if there will be a big take up since it involves needles!? As a woman I would all for a non-hormonal option.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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