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    So I know my Doctor in real life, and I want to get checked for STIs but I am kind of embarrassed to see him and have him know about that I’m sexually active.. is it possible to get checked and not have it show up on my records that I did, or would he see that when I go to see him for other stuff? I know he would keep it confidential as he has to, but I know it will be awkward seeing him in real life if he knows.


    Hello @meridoch ! Welcome to the forums, and thank you SO much for asking this. I used to have the same anxieties surrounding seeing my GP about *sensitive* issues too, but I realised my GP is there to help me, not judge me! In your circumstances, knowing them outside of a medical setting could make things more complicated, but they still won’t judge you. Doctor’s keep everything you tell them confidential so I don’t think this person would ever talk about STI related things outside of the medical practice. Plus, they’re probably having sex too! So there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. 

    I do understand your anxiety surrounding the situation though, so I’ve dropped some links below that you can check out about patient confidentiality and other places you can go that aren’t your GP. Sexual health clinics are a great place to visit if you don’t want your doctor informed about anything! They’re super discreet and super lovely! Let us know how you go! 🙂

    Sexual Health Check-Up | Smart Health – Discreet Screening | Sydney Sexual Health Centre 


    Hi @meridoch. Trust us, you’re not alone feeling awkward about getting STI tests! Especially when you know your doctor.

    But STI testing is such a normal and everyday thing – your doctor won’t even bat an eyelid. He has seen it all before, and will probably just be glad that you’re being sensible and getting tested in the first place!

    However, if you are too anxious to go to him then you can easily get an STI test somewhere else such as a different GPor a sexual health clinic. You can find out more about that here.
    @tea’s links are great too and like they say, they’re super discreet and lovely. 


    I feel like this is something so many of us go through @meridoch, I know when I first became sexually active I didn’t want to see my regular GP. I didn’t know him personally outside the medical setting but there was something funny about seeing my childhood doctor for those very grown-up matters. Sexual health clinics are a great alternative to get tested without involving your GP, and eventually I ended up choosing a new doctor/GP when I got older, who actually specialises in sexual health, so that’s who I see now. But I would say go with the clinics that @tea and @ekoorb9 have given links to, until you’re ready and feel more comfortable about talking to your GP about it 🙂 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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