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    There is  so many to choose from.
    How do you choose? Any recommendations for a good water based lube?


    Have you true tried the salted caramel flavoured lube? it is actually really good


       @mak_trouble891 what is so good about the caramel lube?


    @HHH the flavour lol it actually tastes like salted caramel


    I recommend that if you buy coloured lube, such as strawberry, you keep track of where that tube is and don’t accidentally roll on top of it and cover your entire bed in red goo. Not that it happened to me or anything…


    @Lube_Man do your thing honey…


    @Big_Mama girl Lube Man is HERE! haha! 
    There are SO many lubes. and it totally depends on what kind of sexual activity is going to happen.
    Water Based Lube is our go to! Its sold most commonly and you can find it nearly anywhere + it is condom friendly and very slippery so its great for vaginal and anal!
    A close second is Silicone Based Lube! A lot of people who do anal unprotected (when it committed, monogamous relationships for eg) use this because it lasts longer, isn’t quite as messy or gooey and so it creates a completely different feeling!
    Then we get into the flavoured lubes, which are a great touch for Foreplay! just make sure there are no allergens in them!
    We also have the options of things such as fisting and large object penetration (not for beginners) where lubes like J-Lube are great. That can be purchased pre made or as a powder that you mix to your desired consistency! How cool is that!


    @Lube_Man well chosen name for your expert advice, you have earned your title 🙂


    Hey everyone! Just starting this convo back up as i’m keen to hear your favourite water-based lubes.

    There are soooo many options and the cheaper ones can be really sticky – not a fan!
    Funnily, we bought a ‘warming’ one recently to try as it was meant to increase sensation…it wasn’t quite what we expected. If anyone has tried the Original Source peppermint body wash down there then you’ll know what I mean. Think chilli heat rather than a nice tingly sensation ????


    I personally choose a water-based lubricant that is made with pure ingredients for a natural feel and completely free of parabens, glycerin, silicone, and oil. These lubricants provide a soft feel when using during sex. I will recommend you to read about ingredients that used in lubricants before buying.


    OMG yes the peppermint feeling is so good @yogigirl or anything which enhances sensation tbh!

    Oh good tip about checking ingredients @alaska I forget to do that all the time and it’s so important to check because you need to be sure it’s compatible with the type of toys you’re using! Do you have a favourite brand?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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