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    Male Birth Control

    First, I’d like you to write down your initial thoughts on contraception. Who is responsible? What methods are there? What are your feelings about contraception in general? How do you feel about male birth control?

    Then, I’d like you to go and watch this video.

    Aside from being a beautifully done video, I was really shocked at a few things the video highlighted. There was a long, long list of side-effects produced from various contraceptive methods for women. Many of which are definitely not discussed enough. Women are enforced to believe these side-effects are normal a lot of the time! And as the video highlighted, it can suck a lot. Not every contraceptive method works well with your body and it’s okay to say no to the ones that don’t work for you.

    Contraception isn’t a scary thing though, it has a lot of upsides too! Like, mood stability, menstrual regulation. But for some people, it’s not a good time. I feel like society definitely puts a lot of responsibility for contraception onto women, which is 100% not fair.

    What do men have as contraceptive methods?

    Men have, what? Condoms? What side-effects do they produce? It’s ridiculous that society is SO afraid to venture out into further types of male contraception for fear of the side-effects they could produce when women are made to do all of that with a smile on their face. Although, in recent years we’ve seen the emergence of the possibility of a male pill and even injection. But article after article details how the fear of side-effects is having a negative effect on funding for new methods.

    After watching that video, and having a think about contraceptive methods a bit more what do you think about male contraceptive methods? Who is responsible? What methods are there? What are your feelings about contraception in general?

    Male Contraception Methods | SMH – Vasalgel | Male Pill | Male InjectionPlanned Parenthood: Birth Control


    That is a beautifully made video! And thats pretty shocking, some of those side effects definitely do not sound like they would be worth it. 

    As a male I supposed I would be happy to give it a go though, in the name of gender equality. It’s not right that the onus be placed on women to only use birth control. But then as a gay male the likelihood of me ever needing birth control in my regular sex life is pretty low so maybe that’s a moot point. 

    @will Wondering if you had any thoughts on this?


    Hey @tea! Hmm… I’ve actually helped a friends son with a school assignment on this topic recently. They were asked to create a new form of contraception for science class.

    My idea was a spray on condom, like the adhesive spray on band aids. His idea (school student) was a male version of the pill. What I suggested at the time was, if a CIS man was not going to be able to carry the baby, could you ensure he had the responsibility to ensure he was taking correctly and was actually taking it?

    I think that looking at all contraception options is a good way for both involved in a relationship, so that it’s all put on the table. Some close friends of mine have always just monitored cycles and it’s worked fine for them. I have friends who have gone from Pill to IUD, or injection to IUD. Being in a relationship is different to be single also, as the onus tends to always fall on the female. It likely adds to historical stigma and discrimination against women also, in that when the pill or diaphragm was first invented, and if a woman sought contraception, they were judged for taking control and being safe, and the man wasn’t expect to take any role.
    * Google historical sexual health/VD campaigns and they are almost all targeted at women

    … Again, as a @mintmilano said, as a cis gay man this hasn’t come up much for me. The most similar would be when I went on PrEP. This was to protect myself from HIV, but at the same time I was putting medication into my body daily at a young age, and risking long term side effects. But… I knew it was for a greater risk reduction and a more enjoyable sex life. It’s about weighing up your own options and what works for you. I agree it’s 100% unfair that contraception mostly ends up a female responsibility, including the side effects.

    I do love the idea of male contraception and it should be investigated more.


    Back online for the first time in what feels like a million years, and this topic reminds me of a clinical trial done on hormonal birth control for men in 2016 sponsored by the WHO that made a lot of headlines due to the mood side effects reported in some of the male participants… side-effects which undoubtably suck, but have become normalised for women on hormonal contraception.

    Worth a read!

    Meet the researcher behind that infamous male birth control study

    Efficacy and Safety of an Injectable Combination Hormonal Contraceptive for Men

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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