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    is it weird to want to rub one out like all the time? Multiple times a day I feel like masturbating, first thing in the morning, at night and then during the day I start feeling like it, if I was home doing nothing I might to do it, so if I have time I can go at 3 times in one day is that normal 


    Hey @jackh. As far as I’m aware there’s no right or wrong number of times to masturbate. Personally, I can go a few days without it, or do it five times a day – it depends on my mood, what I’m doing etc.

    I would say as long as it’s not interfering with anything (your day to day life, your relationships etc.), it’s totally fine and totally normal. Maybe @Nurse_Nettie can confirm that one.


    @jackh Yep, masturbation is totally normal, even multiple times a day! Young people are more likely to masturbate more frequently. If you’re doing it so much it’s getting in the way of other activities or commitments like work, that’s a sign you may be struggling with addictive or compulsive behaviour. A psychologist or counsellor can help if it’s causing problems for you.  

    Viewing porn is a big part of masturbation for some people. That’s okay, but it’s important to remember that porn is not like real sex! It can give you some
    distorted ideas about what to expect & this can have a real impact on your sex life with other people.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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