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    So I am assuming everyone has heard/seen or participated in the Me Too Campaign that is going viral atm?

    What are everyones thoughts on this? I have heard some people hating on it because its just a craze and does nothing to actually stop the issue and that the me too hashtag was actually created by a lady call Tarana way back in 2007 to raise awareness for sexual assault against black women (http://www.ebony.com/news-views/black-woman-me-too-movement-tarana-burke-alyssa-milano#axzz4viv2XCUH). Then there are other people saying it is discrimination against those who don’t identify as a straight female and that is is targeting men abusing women etc etc. It seems any time people try to raise awareness for any issue there are keyboard warriors ready for them to not be politically correct….

    Personally, I think it is a great way to raise awareness for this issue as a whole…. just sexual assault against ANYONE male, female, straight, gay etc etc I could go on…. As a straight female I am aware that I am slightly bias in this and the research is generally there that majority of assaults are do by men yet our terminology even makes it the womens fault. X amount of women got raped… not X amount of Men raped women (or females raping males etc not trying to cut people out of this)

    I think the #metoo is a good place to start to raise awareness. Victims of sexual assault (in any capacity little or small) don’t owe anyone their stories but if you have the confidence to post #metoo then I encourage you all to.

    Gosh I could type all day about this subject and still not have said everything I want to say on it. 

    A pole dancer I know posted this about the #metoo and I wanted to share it because we need to change the way we think and educate the young on right wrong etc http://luxatlspellbook.com/2017/10/16/me-too/ I was horrified to learn what she went though and she feels SHE ASKED FOR IT?!?!?! what? 

    I have seen posted calling men to action about stopping their brothers from these actions – recently in America there was those 3 skate boarders who saved a girl form being raped….Another friend of mine posted to all the men in her life calling them to ask themselves hard questions about their actions and consent.

    Anyway long rant post… 

    TLDR #metoo 


    I really like the concept of the hashtag, it think it’s a very simple way to raise awareness about how prolific this problem is without the necessity of delving into details. There have been some criticisms that it puts the onus back on women and victims to be the ones to initiate change, which I somewhat agree with as well.  

    I quite liked Benjamin Law’s response of #howiwillchange, which encourages men to say how they will change in response to this. 


    I think people are taking to it really well. I’ve found the internet a pretty intense and distressing place because of it recently though and imagine others probably are too. I like Bejamin Law’s response too, I think a lot of people are starting to realise how common this is.


    Any link to Benjamin Law’s response? I think the hashtag is a great tool for awareness to let other people know that they aren’t alone, and it’s not your fault. I think a lot of assault gets downplayed now because of all of the criticisms and sharing on social media, so movements like these are great to de-stigmatise people who have experienced things like this before. #metoo


    I read it here on Buzzfeed.



    Agree with all your comments 

    I think where victims of sexual assault and harassment can feel empowered to share and find solidarity with others is a good thing.  I have heard of women openly talking about their sexual assault experiences for the very first time to their friends and family through the #metoo campaign.  Change cannot happen without awareness of a problem and this campaign allows people to see just how big of a problem is. I think that this also encourages men particularly to call out harassment behaviours when they see it.  Things are shifting  <3


    Not sure if this is the appropriate thread to bring it up but it somewhat escalated under the #metoo umbrella. What are people’s thoughts on what happened in Aziz Ansari’s situation? Especially your thoughts on the emerging discussions following the original article?


    @veryelle I think that situation really highlighted the need to educate more about consent and that it needs to be consistent and enthusiastic. It was a little disheartening to see the number of ‘well she didn’t say no…’ arguments that people have used. No isn’t a yes. 


    @veryelle in the Aziz Ansari situation, I felt like people really tried to justify his behaviour – i agree with @Aunt_Flo that this highlights the need for education around consent to be consistent and enthusiastic – and that you can withdraw your consent at any time too.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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