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    thank you so much @nurse_nettie
    ill give my local clinic a call tomorrow and see if im able to get into them sooner then I could my gp.


    Hey @nurse_nettie, i’ve recently had a referral to get a Mirena inserted due to my ongoing PCOS, however i’m really nervous about it. When I get my cervical screening it’s always very painful and I bleed, so I can only imagine this is going to be worse. I keep putting it off as it sounds like such a horrid process but I know it’s a much safer option than not using a contraceptive.

    I’m also wondering if there is a way of getting it inserted without paying a big bill? I’ve been quoted upwards of $300 for insertion which is a lot of money to come up with, so I feel a little torn.


    Hey @YogiGirl, thanks for posting! A doctor may recommend a Mirena for you as a way to manage irregular periods (a common symptom with PCOS).

    There are other ways to manage irregular periods that include: the pill, mini-pill and Implanon. All of these medications are hormonal contraceptives that means you will prevent a pregnancy when you take them. You can find more information about hormonal contraception here.

    Talk with your doctor about costs and convenience of each method- Mirena may have a big cost initially but it can last for 5-7 years-compared to the daily price of the pill it will be cheaper for you across the years.

    Sorry to hear about your past experiences with cervical screening and pain. It is common for cervical screening to be a little uncomfortable but a person should not have to experience a very painful cervical screening. EVER.
    Talk with your doctor about your past experiences with screening- there are many ways to make a the screening comfortable, including positioning, lubrication, speculum size and insertion techniques.

    Many people notice a few drops of blood on their underpants after cervical screening- this is because the lining of cervix may bleed in response to being touched by the swab. Bleeding after a cervical screening does not mean there is anything wrong.


    Hey @yogigirl I hope you’re doing okay, did you make a decision about getting the Mirena or not? I hope what @nurse_nettie said helped you with your decision.

    I’m just going to link you to some other threads we have about the Mirena and similar contraceptions, know you’re not alone in your situation.

    IUD Removal | Implanon | Can the pill stop periods?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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