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    A couple of nights ago I was with my partner. It was cold, we started cuddling to warm each other up, one thing led to another…and then just as things started getting hot and heavy…I farted..not a queef, a fart. I farted right on top of him. The more I tried to hold it in, the louder it got and oh boy it was LOUD. He was a champ about it and laughed it off, but I was mortified.

    Someone please me some of your embarrassing moments in bed so I feel a bit better about myself..


    I once vomited on a guy cos I was really drunk..during oral sex…
    yes I vomited on his dick lol 


    I may have kept going for a bit because I may have possibly been too drunk to notice… 


    I have miscalculated where the edge of the bed was and fallen off it entirely, onto the floor. Sexy.


    I had accidental anal once. Darkness + doggy style + lube was not a recipe for success. Ouch!


    The first time I stayed at my boyfriends house and we planned to do the deed, I vomited in his bed and the passed out in the hallway. Lol no sex for him… oops


    Oooooh bummer @Big_Mama , I sorta hoped that if that ever happened to me I could pass it off as a queef! Got walked in on once, awkward for all parties….


    Hahaha I am loving this thread!! i love how sex is just so awkward, laughable and messy sometimes!

    I pooped the bed really badly one time during a drunken session with my ex, we were both too drunk to notice and in the morning realised there was poo everywhere hahaha. Also once was having crazy sex in the dark and got my period, had no idea until the next morning, there was bloody hand-prints all over the wall… looked like someone was murdered!!! 

    Happens to all of us!!! 


    @Big_Mama you gotta be feeling better now!


    Had a friend who’s boyfriend went down on her and she accidentally farted while he was down there. She was mortified. They are still together and enough time has passed now she can laugh it off.

    @stephaniaaaah one of those frozen “my gosh what happened” moments


    @walk_on_walls yep! 🙂

    I feel so much better. Misery loves company haha

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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