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    Many women fake orgasms, but why? Is it because society tells us that sex isn’t good unless you orgasm, or is it pressure to please the person your with?
    I know personally I have faked an orgasm, but how many other people have? Is faking necessary?


    Guilty, it has been to prevent the other person from feeling bad about their performance


    Also guilty.  

    But I’ve learned that sometimes it just doesn’t happen (for whatever reason), and honesty stops him from trying harder to no avail. I say that from the position of him being a keeper and our conversations being honest and about everything for a long time now.


    it might be a culture thing. I’m from Asia. We do not talk much about activities in bed. I never tell my boyfriend whether I reach orgasm, but I think I should talk from now on.


    I haven’t, but at times I felt like I should have faked it when I didn’t reach climax. It obviously disappointed my partner quite a bit and I felt guilty about it, even though I didn’t think negatively towards the sex. It’s a bit of a difficult thing to decide on sometimes. 


    I think faking wouldn’t be an issue if pleasure and sex wasn’t so orgasm focused. The majority of women won’t reach orgasm during intercourse and it takes a long time to build enough arousal and a lot of stimulation in the right area to reach clitoral orgasm – just because you or your partner doesn’t orgasm doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying it. But I’ll admit.. I have faked it in the past to prevent a partner from being disappointed – guilty  😀


    The one thing I have noticed is the common feeling of guilt and/or pressure if one didn’t orgasm. It really is sad that such emotions can be attached to sex and orgasms, especially because of misleading information and social ideas.


    I agree with @RoseHill – not having an orgasm doesn’t mean someone isn’t enjoying it, but I’ve never faked. I see no reason to. If it happens, it happens and if not, oh well.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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