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    Hi @Nurse_Nettie,
    Every time I ejaculate I find I still leak cum. It’s more the consistency of pre-cum but after ejaculation. It’s happened ever since I can remember but I’ve never thought to ask anyone about it. It’s never caused me any pain, just annoyance really. Is this common?


    @DeftRat if you’ve always had it, it only occurs after ejaculation & it’s not painful then it doesn’t sound like a problem. It makes sense that after ejaculation there might be some residual fluid in the urethra that leaks out more slowly. 

    If you notice discharge from the penis at other times & there’s any pain when you pee, that’s when you need to head to the clinic for an STI test 🙂


    Awesome! Thanks @Nurse_Nettie. Never had any pain and only occurs after ejaculation. Glad to finally answer my curiosity

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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