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    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences doing a ‘pronoun round’ in school or with friends/family?
    If you’re not sure what a pronoun round is, it’s basically a good way for everyone in a group to get to know what pronoun to use when referring to you or another person. 

    I like to do this at the start of a new semester in my classes to get to know everyone a bit better and make sure I respect everyone’s preferences, whether they use he/she/they or other pronouns. 

    What are your thoughts on pronoun rounds?


    I like that idea @tea. Maybe we should do a pronoun round here on Play Safe!


    I first came across this at the Queer Space at my university. My thesis involved interviewing gay men so I went along to a meeting there to get permission to advertise in the space. I think its a great way to make sure people use the right pronouns without having any uncomfortable situations where you have to correct anyone. 

    @ElleBelle we can start one right now! Usually you add a few other things about yourself as you go around. Maybe your preferred pronouns and… the way you prefer your coffee (or hot beverage of choice)? 

    I’ll start: my pronouns are he/him/his and I like my coffee with a dash of skim milk and one sugar  B)


    I try to include pronouns in any icebreaker 🙂 I teach mental health first aid and always include pronouns with a few other details about yourself when we do introductions, and I’ve had people say they find it really valuable.

    My pronouns are she/her/hers and I enjoy a soy latte with one sugar :blush:


    I do pronoun rounds but I’ve found it’s only in spaces like Wom*ns Meetings at university and queer meet ups! 


    @HoneyPot I’m so so glad you include methods like this in such an important area!

    I definitely think it’s great to see these kinds of activities outside of a queer setting (where I mostly see these as well), I’d love to see it integrated with sexual health education, especially for young people who may be new to the concept!

    My pronouns are they/them and I love a good soy caramel latte! :smiley:


    @tea that’s a really good point. I only ever see it in queer settings but it would be great to see pronoun rounds in the wider community with better education about gender. 

    I’ve noticed some organisations have the staff preferred pronouns listed in the email signatures, which I thought was cool, but then again they were mostly queer/sex positive organisations. 

    @tea This is a great idea! And yeah, it’s a shame you only ever find them in queer settings. I went to a speed friendship night recently and everyone wore a sticky label with their pronouns on it which was really great in a getting-to-know-you setting. 

    My pronouns are she/her/hers and I don’t drink coffee but love a soy chai latte 🙂 


    @peachy I agree, I went to a queer speed friending night (may have even been the same one as you to be honest) and it was done there! It just seems to be a thing that a lot of queer/not straight identifying (for a lack of a better term) people know about, none of my straight friends know anything about pronouns. 

    I am also she/her/hers! 


    Love this idea.

    My pronouns are he/his/him and I like an espresso. Strong and bitter


    Great idea!

    Mine is she/her/hers and I always go for the skim latte, no sugar. 


    This is an awesome idea! 

    Mine are she/her/hers and I don’t drink coffee!!  😮


    This is awesome and we always began our Gender Studies classes like this at uni at the start of semester 🙂
    My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers and I would love a peppermint tea, or almond milk chai 🙂


    Him/he/etc. I am a big fan of jasmine green tea at the moment too! 

    I would always worry about how to frame the question but have become much more comfortable asking people when I meet them these days. Times they are a changin!


    If I’m not sure I’ll usually just avoid using any gendered pronouns until I’m sure. But I think as a general rule, people would rather be asked and be able to let you know instead of being misgendered. 

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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