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    Another thing I have noticed that doesn’t seem to stop once puberty ‘finishes’ is the random mood swings. Now I know hormones and periods have a lot to do with emotions, but OMG! …. The other day I woke up totally fine, completely happy, then it was like my boyfriend smiled at me, I yelled at him for it and then cried about it afterwards. Does anyone else have days like that? Oh and to top it off he said ‘do you have your period?’ Arrh!!!!!!


    Yes’m, I think once you are out of the puberty stage you are more aware of noticing the moodiness, but you feel like you can’t snap yourself out of it. That’s what it’s like for me


    I’ll second @Caiti’s point about noticing the moodiness more once your out of your puberty years.  

    Thankfully my guy (who does notice the moods) avoids mentioning them unless I bring it up first.  He has learned to bring the moods chocolate, encourage them to nap, and not retaliate at them.


    @MsBlueStreak sounds like a keeper :smiley:


    So I’ve never really experienced noticeable mood swings related to my period and find it hard to relate to that kind of commentary in popular media. I hate THAT question though, and don’t the hormones and therefore mood change come before the period @Nurse_Nettie?


     Hi @Kit, this commonly called premenstrual tension/stress (PMT/PMS). There’s lots of theories about the cause of this though none have yet to be proven. There has been reported links with stress, smoking and weight gain. Its important to know that not all women get PMT and some have varying levels with each cycle.
    With puberty and mood swings, it’s common with guys too.  Check this link called Body Talk.


    Thanks @Nurse_Nettie. Glad to know I’m not alone  🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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