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    Sex & Accessibility: Is sex ableist?

    So I recently came across this article here discussing how to have sexy times with/as a disabled person and wow I didn’t realise how ableist sex is portrayed and acted!!

    The article talks about how communication is important and has a huge list of all-inclusive sex toys! Plus a whole bunch of related articles if you want to know more.

    It got me thinking about the way we teach or reference sex and sexual health education. It’s 100% ableist and doesn’t allow for much wiggle room. It’s assumed you have a Fully Functioning body (read as: every sex position ever) to have good, enjoyable sex. But what if you aren’t able-bodied? I think shifting the perspective on sex to a more inclusive one is a start.

    What do you think? Did anything in the article stand out to you? Do you think sex is ableist?


    @tea Wow, such and interesting article! I definitely agree that when we teach or reference sex and sexual health that it’s assumed you have a fully functioning body! I can’t recall ever being taught about sex and sexual health with or as a person with a disability.
    I think it should be discussed more and talked about in sexual education to hopefully remove any stigma that people may have.


    @tea I love this article! I’m always super interested in accessible sex-tech, it’s mind boggling how able-bodied our teaching of sex is and I love that people are determined to make it less so!


    There’s definitely so much more to unpack in regards to sexual health education!! It’s wayyyy too linear. I think destigmatising sex as a ‘dirty’ thing is the first step in breaking out of this linear thought pattern though – it can pave the way to more accessible sex!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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