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    What are your thoughts on sex in public places???

    Just saw this;

    I don’t think I could do it in public…. thrill or not 


    Woah! This article and video are something else…
    I can definitely understand this from a thrill/in the moment perspective, but I think in cases like this one, the risk of getting caught is just too high for any kind of enjoyable sex. 
    For me, this is an example of sex being used as a tool for rebellion and crossing boundaries. I don’t think this is about pleasure or intimacy. 
    It is interesting to think about the different ways we wield and use sex in our culture. Other than pleasure and intimacy, what does sex mean to you all? For me, I would say freedom and self-love. 


    @EarthMama I agree about the them using sex as a tool to rebel or make a statement. At the same time jail time for sex in public? like yeah they did the wrong thing but maybe a fine? is the general public that disgusted by sex we send people to jail for it?

    What a great question!!!
    For me sex is about connecting to my partner but also loosing myself in the moment and enjoyment.


    @CookieMonster Yeah it does seem like a pretty extreme reaction! However, if minors were to witness the scene, I’m sure child pornography charges would have been an issue too. 


    Wow! Do you guys think there is a consent issue involved in public sex/sex with others around? As in, should people be able to not consent to sexual acts being performed in front of them? (Obvi yes for kids).

    THAT BEING SAID. I am PRETTY KEEN on sex in public places but my partner cannot think of anything worse. I don’t mean like at dominos (I wanna go home and eat my pizza, ya know?) but in a park when it’s dark and no ones around? Nice. Also I think I’m the only sexually active person who hasn’t had sex on a beach everyone says it’s shit, but I just wanna do it one time!
    And lovin that question @EarthMama ! To me sex means connecting to my partner as @CookieMonster said, as well as celebrating my body and how awesome my body can feel 🙂


    @HoneyPot ooh now I just want pizza! 
    Interesting on the consent issue- I’d like to think that’s why they’ve charged these people (rather than an absence of sex positivity) 
    I have also heard that sex on the beach sucks! 


    @HoneyPot  Good point I had not considered that!!

    and I really want to do it on a beach also but worried I’ll get sand up there 😆


    That has always been the issue for me with people who have sex in public places, particular those who want to be seen. The bystanders have not consented to be part of your sex act, and they haven’t been given the choice whether to participate in this.


    Agree @ElleBelle. I’m all for some sex outdoors, but only in spaces that are known to be secluded and not attract unwitting bystanders. I don’t think it’s fair to expose people to sex that have not consented to or want to see it. I def wouldn’t be doing it on a dominos counter


    Totally agree with the whole bystander consent issue, I think this could also extend to an issue with child safety as well? I mean there are so many places you wouldn’t expect people to see you but there’s the possibility of being seen, and being seen by a minor could be damaging developmental wise (in establishing boundaries and having healthy perceptions of sex). I like the idea of having sex in a public place for the adrenaline factor but I don’t think I would ever risk it because of what could go wrong (plus yeah who wants sand all up in places sand shouldn’t be?) I’m totally down for pizza and sex though, A+ combo.


    As long as it ain’t hurting anybody I am all for it. A quiet park bench or bush. Perfecto.


    I reckon there’s a difference between the thrill of potentially getting caught and the kind of exhibitionism where people are turned on by having other people see them. The first would diffuse pretty quickly if anyone actually did catch them, and I feel would be a lot more sneaky, whereas being more brazen and exposing yourself suggests you want to be seen. The latter is concerning because as you’ve all mentioned, people haven’t consented to seeing those sex acts which can be confronting. 


    hi im horny


    Hey, welcome to the Forum.  Being horny is pretty normal!  And chlamydia is one of the most common STIs — getting tested is easy. The good news is: if you know you have it, you can get rid of it 🙂

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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