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    What are your SEXting secrets?
    Do you ever send naughty pics to your partner or anyone else?

    I loved sending a sneaky goodmorning message to my partner but always made sure my face wasn’t in shot!!



    Such a good topic! I think that sending the odd sexy picture is a lot of fun, particularly in long-distance relationships. But it’s so important to make sure that it’s with someone you trust. 

    Not showing your face is important – there are too many scary stories out there of pictures getting into the wrong hands. And obviously always, always make sure that you/the other person is over the age of consent. 

    Just be careful who you send it to as well  😀 I accidentally sent a boob pic to a friend once, whose name was next to my boyfriends in the phone. Luckily, she’d seen it all before. Never let me live it down though! 


    haha I have sent a few in my time but yeah cropping your face out is always a good safeguard. I have a lot of tattoos though so that makes it even harder if you want to make it non-identifiable by people who shouldn’t be seeing it (although I guess the ultimate message there is that you should trust whoever you’re sending it to)

    I don’t like sending a lot of pics, but I fancy myself a pretty good dirty talker when it comes to sexting. its fun when you know you’ll be seeing your partner later to get them all riled up a little bit before they get home to the real thing  >:)


    I am such a corny sexter. I am so big on using the eggplant emoji.


    I’ve sent photos of myself in lingerie etc in the past (but actually nothing with clothes off) and also love sexting with words too. I’ve heard of some interesting stories from friends. One friend actually blurs out the background of her nudes so that if someone knows what the inside of her bedroom or house etc looks like they won’t be able to tell it was her! And another one of my friends was sadly blackmailed sexting a girl on Bumble. He was going through a really hard time after his break up and sent a photo to ‘her’ (who was actually some scam artist) and they sent the photo to a bunch of his friends and blackmailed him for $3000. so I guess always be careful with who you’re sending it to and to not include anything that could give away your identity.


    Sexting is very good for couples, especially those who live miles apart!


    Sexting is so fun! I love gentle sexy reminders through the day, it’s fantastic foreplay for when you can touch your partner and is so exhilarating to read/watch while you’re going about your normal day.


    My partner LOVES receiving naughty pics throughout the day and it’s such a foreign idea to me. I’m not hugely confident in myself and really struggle to feel sexy, so usually it takes me a long time to work up the confidence to take a picture – and even then it’s usually with me covering any private parts. I’m all about the angles haha.
    Any suggestions on ways to be flirty and seductive in pics if you aren’t comfortable bearing all?? I’m thinking some nice lingerie might be a winner.
    Also, do your partners send them back? At the moment it’s pretty one sided but I feel like i’d be more comfortable if it was back and forth.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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