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    Dear Nurse Nettle,

    I have recently purchased some silicone lubricant and my main concern is for my partner. I tried the product by smearing it on the forearm, and I find I have to use soapy water to remove it completely. My question, is that how does a female clean the silicone off herself after the sex is complete? The silicone will be in her vagina, and hard to clean.

    Thank you


    Hi @happyfuntime

    Interesting question! The vagina is self-cleaning so I imagine that it will ‘self-clean’. However, @nurse_nettie will know for sure! Thanks so much for the question ????


    @HappyFunTime it’s great that you care for your partner’s safety. @ekoorb9 is right. The amazing thing about the vagina is that it cleans itself. That’s why a vaginal discharge is always present (check out my blog). The silicone based lube doesn’t get absorbed by the body & will be passed naturally in time. No extra soap or internal cleansing needed.


    The vagina is so amazing!
    I just wanted to pop in also and say how sweet it is @happyfuntime that you are looking out for your partner’s wellbeing after sex. We need more of this around!


    @happyfuntime – i second @earthmama! keep being an excellent partner, i’m sure she appreciates it so much!


    Um I love how delicate and informative you’re being with sexual health and your partner @happyfuntime ! Massive inspiration, such a cool thing to see that you’re trying a product out before using it on someone else!

    Also jumping on the ‘how cool are our bodies’ bandwagon!


    Thank you for all the support everyone!


    You are welcome, @happyfuntime! We love to hear about people supporting their partners and are always here for a good chat about anything!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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