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    I currently do pole dancing and yoga, both of which I really love. But, I’d like to pick up something else a little more physical, like kicking boxing or muay thai.

    I’m a little timid because these are usually group classes that involve a lot of interaction. How do you guys go about starting a new hobby? What does it take to help you stick with something until it becomes a regular thing?


    I am so here for this post! There are so many thing ideas of hobbies I would love to begin, but really struggle to find the courage to go and then stick with it,


    @aunt_flo @earthmama I totally get this! I need help too. My most recent hobby is caring for plants, but it’s fairly anti-social. I guess I’m continually encouraged by this hobby because otherwise they’d die and you can see the waste of money right there in front of you! I’d love to join something more physical, but the nervousness stops me from joining.


    PLANTS! YES. The only thing that is sticking! But I agree with sextronaut. I’m trying to be more social.

    I recently moved to a new town, so I put my self out there and these are the one off hobbies;

    1. Joined mixed netball for a season,
    2. Joined the local community theatre and did a play. It was a huge commitment, so need a little break.
    3. Picked up some old pallets and supplies from Bunnings and got into some hobby wood work. I’ve made a few things, but have fallen out a little.
    4. Knitting! I did this for about 6 months but I’m horrible at it.


    My gosh I’m the same. I tend to find/start new hobbies but I struggle so hard sticking with them even if I thoroughly enjoy the hobby.

    I love pallet woodwork! They’re so versatile and I feel that I can create something half decent without too much work. I’ve made two pallet tables so far and I’m currently working on a sectional couch made of pallets. Fingers crossed it doesn’t fall apart the first time somebody sits on it!

    If you enjoy that stuff I recommend checking out gumtree for free building materials. So much beautiful wood that is being given away. Also I always get a bit of joy out of reusing/repurposing something that would’ve otherwise been thrown out!


    @will @catdog oooh pallet furniture!! So cool! I wanted to get into this but,,,I’m so lazy haha


    I’ll admit, I went nuts after making my first pallet planter box and got about 20 pallets from work @tea @catdog ….

    … And now have not gotten back into it for a bit, so my garage is full of pallets unused… haha. Will try to do more this Easter break.

    Will check out Gumtree Catdog. Cheers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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