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    How is everyone feeling about the concept of restrictions lifting and ‘normal’ life recommencing in some capacity? Personally, I am feeling strangely safe in my cocoon and very reluctant to step outside. I have been very thankful for a slower pace of life and feeling frightened for everything to rush back in. Would love your thoughts around this.


    I’m feeling the exact same @earthmama. Seeing how quickly some people have returned to normal after restrictions lifted has been quite a shock for me.

    I love restaurants and dining out, but not enough to feel comfortable dining in just yet. I’m with you – I’m pretty nervous about rushing back into things, and would prefer to take things really slowly.

    I’ve also been enjoying being at home more, and being able to take a bit of a break from having to be switched on for 8 hours a day. I’m still doing work from home, but it’s nice that I don’t have to pretend otherwise if I’m in a not so great mood!


    I feel the same @earthmama! There is a really nice walking/cycling track along my local beach that has a nice little kiosk that has just opened up again and the last few times I’ve gone for a walk it has just been so busy that it was quite overwhelming! I thought to myself though ‘I’m sure it used to be this busy and I was fine with it but now why am I so overwhelmed by this?’ and I think it’s because I’ve gotten so used to it being so quiet.

    I’ve also only really had face-to-face social interactions with my housemates so I’m going to have to get used to talking to new people again and making new friends which seems a bit scary.


    It’s so validating to hear you both feel the same way @aunt_flo and @goldenrose! I learned just today that there is something known as ‘reintegration anxiety’ which pretty much explains alot of the feelings we are having about things going back to some sense of normality. It is also known as ‘reverse culture shock’ and can happen when we return from long periods overseas…interesting.
    The recommendations for dealing with it is just to be ultra kind to ourselves and not over schedule. I think it is important for us to remember, as with anything, that just because others are doing something does not mean we have to.


    How are you feeling now @goldenrose @aunt_flo ?? I was hoping I would feel ready by this stage, but after one afternoon of seeing my friends, I felt like I needed to sleep for three days…


    To be honest, at the moment I am actually looking forward to going back out and meeting new people (my mood around this kinda changes day to day though lol).

    I recently caught up with some old friends and I think we are all drifting and going in different directions in life so I think I am excited to meet some new people and hopefully start up some new friendships with more like-minded people.


    A bit better @earthmama! I went out to eat for the first time since about March. While it was really nice to sit and relax and enjoy some company, I found that it’s still not quite normal for me. Ordinarily I’d hang about and look for things to do, but I found that once I was done eating I just wanted to leave.

    It’ll probably take a lot more to get used to it. Although I’m looking forward to catching up with friends soon!


    @earthmama @aunt_flo @goldenrose Definitely share the experience of having difficulty readjusting to normality!

    It feels like life has been returning to normal in slow motion with restrictions being slowly lifted but also not really… I went out to the pub last week and it has been so strange having to sit at the same table the whole time. Heaps of things like work and uni are still some part online. People in general seem more keen to do things online as well. It has definitely been an adjustment!


    Hey @earthmama @potplant @goldenrose @aunt_flo, how are you all finding things a few months on? I thought by now we would be back to more of a state of normality but the pub check ins are still very much a thing! One of the main struggles i’m having is with everything feeling so regimented. I get that it’s for our safety to beat the virus but I would love to go for a dance! It’s definitely a longer term adjustment than a lot of us expected.


    yeah i too have the same feeling

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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