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    I am from the UK, and I want to spend my personal time with my partner I am looking for the best safe sex products. I am thinking of 1 brand that is skyn condoms. let me know your suggestions.


    Hi Saisha, good on you for practicing safe sex. Skyn condoms is a great brand. Another one that is reputable and great is Lifestyle condoms, but I think they’re only available in Australia. If you do decide to have unprotected sex with your partner in the future remember to get tested, and that there are other contraceptive options such as the contraceptive pill.


    hey @saisha, great question!

    is right about testing and contraception (if you need it).
    I’ve used Skyn condoms a whole lot in the past and I’ve never had a problem. I particularly love them because they’re latex free so if I had a partner with a latex allergy or they were particularly sensitive to it, the ones I had on hand were never a problem. Durex is also a good brand! You can also try the female/internal condom, it goes inside the vagina (if you/they have one) instead of on the penis (if you/they have one) and works the same way as the male/external condom.
    Other safe-sex products that I recommend are lube and dental dams. Lube is great to make things more comfortable during sex, it feels amazing and helps to prevent small tears happening which can increase the likelihood of STI transmission. A dental dam is a sheet of latex that you can stretch across a surface of body (like the vulva or anus) if you’re having oral sex.




    Thanks For Your Suggestions, & Tips.


    @sextronaut I had no idea you could use dental dams for the anus! Are there any positive aspects to doing this?

    I hope you were able to find a product that works best for you and your partner!


    @tea you totally can! They’re great for reducing the risk of transmitting STIs like herpes or infections like Hepatitis A (from ingesting fecal matter). They’re also great as a tool if a partner feels squeamish about putting their mouth on/near a bum, or having a mouth put on/near their bum!


    Hi @saisha

    I would definitely recommend durex because sometimes if you or your partner have a penis then its good to get the right size condom!

    My partner found the standard size condom didn’t fit him too well but we got a different size and now he finds it much more enjoyable.

    Just my 2 cents!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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