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    Yesterday I watched the wedding video of an Australian blogger named Constance Hall who married her fiance surrounded by many friends and family including their six collective children aged 3-14. The couple wrote the vows themselves and they included a few references to the sex between them. They are clearly very open with their kids about many things in life that people may deem belong to the ‘adult world’. When I look back upon my own childhood, I cannot remember one instance in which my parents brought up sex in a way that wasn’t totally facts based. I kind of love the way Constance has an openness around her children in regards to sex, as I feel strongly that this would carry through to positive body image and self love etc. 

    What on your thoughts on talking about sex around children in a purely positive, loving way? Forgetting biological sex education, preaching, teaching or anything formal- but just speaking candidly in conversation about the very important part sex plays in your own life. Because I think it’s kind of great.

    Wedding video link (vows begin around 15 minutes from the end):


    Aw ! I think thats beautiful!
    I think talking about love is a super important part of talking to kids about sex 🙂 Warms my heart!!!


    I totally agree @HoneyPot ! And it must be lovely to hear your parents/older people talking like that!


    I was fortunate to come from a family that was very open about sex and love. Nothing was really off limits but more made age appropriate. If any of us kids asked a question my parents answered. Things were often talked about at the dinner table and in a really relaxed way. 


    Ah @mak_trouble891 that sounds like a dream! Was it mostly about sex in general or did you get into personal stuff?


    @mak_trouble891 – that does sound like a dream! 

    I think it’s so important to be open and honest about sex with kids, because the reality is they are going to come across it somehow, whether it be on social media, movies, magazines, advertisements, porn or friends. I really believe this will help kids to critically engage with their environment — super important when we live in such a hyper-sexualised society. 

    I also think it’s important we don’t hide sex from kids or make it out to be a ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ thing. 


    I think it’s important to be positive with kids. My parents didn’t shy away from the fact that sex wasn’t purely for reproduction, but gives pleasure, and can play a role in love and relationships too. It certainly helped form my expectations on healthy sex and I’m thankful for it. 


    That’s so great to hear @Aunt_Flo! Pleasure is such a key word when talking about sex- and too often the word that gets left out.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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