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    So I recently stumbled across this video all about the internal (sometimes called female) condom… I do recall learning about them briefly in high school but other than that I don’t think I’ve heard anyone talk about them until now.

    There was definitely a few pros that stood out to me such as it offers slightly more protection against skin based  STIs like herpes as the material covers part of the labia as well and that it can be put in before sex so no need to stop when you’re getting hot and heavy to put a condom on and it’s also a good idea for group sex!

    On the down side they are less effective than the external (or male) condom (79% compared to 82%) and are quite expensive and not as readily available.

    I’d love to know what you guys think! Have you or your partner ever used one? Would you recommend it? Would you try it? Should there be more information available to people about this contraceptive?


    I haven’t used one, but even if I wanted to I’m not sure if I’ve seen one in a chemist or sex store.

    I probably wouldn’t use one alone – 79% protection isn’t really within my comfort zone. But I’d definitely consider using it in conjunction with other methods like the pill.

    It’s great that it has extra protection against HSV so that’s a big selling point for me.


    Never used one and I don’t think I would? Actually, would I need to if I’m not having PV sex? @nurse_nettie?


    @tea the “female condom” provides protection when there’s any vaginal penetration. It will protect against pregnancy & STIs if you have penis-in-vagina sex. It can also protect against STIs if you’re using a sex toy in the vagina that has someone else’s sexual fluids on it.


    @aunt_flo yeah I feel like it would be great in conjunction with the pill if it was more readily available and cheaper!


    This video was so informative, thanks so much for sharing! (And side note – gosh Dr Melissa Kang is such a LEGEND ????)

    I’d heard about the female condom before but never actually seeeen one, let alone try one. It’s bigger than I would’ve expected at first glance! But makes sense now knowing the ring at the open end sits on the outside. Like @GoldenRose said, I’m impressed it offers some extra skin-to-skin protection from STIs, that would especially come in handy for scissoring. And the ring can sit on the clitoris? Sounds like it could really amplify sexual pleasure – I’m so intrigued to try it now!

    On the flip side, $3-10 per use is pretty pricey. I’m glad the ABC presenter did all that hard work for us tracking down where to get them. I’d be keen to pick one up from Family Planning and experiment with it though. If I do, I will let you all know how I go!


    @aphrodite9 please report back if you do! 😀


    @aphrodite9 Glad you found it informative! Yeah I definitely agree that it’s quite pricey and a bit difficult to purchase as most people who have to go out of their way.

    Keen to hear about your experience with it if you try it! ????


    Ohh good to know about the female condom is effective for sex that isn’t just PV sex!

    Wow that is pretty pricey though! Also, have you found scissoring effective? I’ve not had much luck with pleasure in that position. Maybe the female condom could help, if it improves sensitivity? Hmm,,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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