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    I think that job hunting may be one of my least favourite things ever. Especially when you’ve taken the leap and quit your original job in the hopes of freeing up your time and energy…I am semi-regretting this.
    What are some tips for how to deal with this period of waiting and wondering and panicking? How do you keep yourselves busy?


    I’m right there with you, @EarthMama! I’m currently looking while still working full time, so I completely understand why you quit to free up your time – it’s taking up an awful lot of my time!

    I try to make time for my hobbies still, particularly ones that calm me down like yoga. A bit of mindfulness helps as well. It’s good to remind myself that not getting a job, or receiving an invite for an interview isn’t a sign that I’m doing something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’.


    @earthmama Wow that’s so brave of you to take such a huge life step like that! I like what @aunt_flo said about reminding yourself you’re not doing anything bad, regardless of an interview outcome.

    Think of this free time as time you can use to mould a new you! Focus on the things you love doing or maybe even put in some time to learn something new? Whenever I have a lull in my workload or anything, I try to look for places I can volunteer in.


    @earthmama Congratulations on taking such a big step!
    I’m in a very similar position – I’ve just moved and I had to leave my job as a part of my move. And now I’m in a new place and unemployed! I haven’t been unemployed for a very long time, and I’m totally in the waiting, wondering and panicking space.
    I’m trying to use this time to do the things I didn’t have time to do while I was working full time, but I’m very much the kind of person that works well with routine. Without one I lose all my motivation and focus!
    … I’ve also just downloaded Sims 4 and have spent hours on it already. Hahah.


    Thank you for all your responses! It can definitely be a time of fruitful leisure and an opportunity to try new things, but if I’m honest, that’s probably only 10% of the time for me…the rest is spent in some kind of worry. Go you @sextronaut !! Well done for taking a risk. I too, am someone who thrives in routine, so I am with you 100%. I LOVE that you’ve downloaded Sims 4. That was actually a really beautiful and timely reminder for me that we deserve to experience joy and downtime even when we are technically not ‘working’. And when I say working, I mean working for money (damn capitalism) looking for a job is the toughest work of my life.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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