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    Who has had the unexpected guest….your period? Worst time your period has come, when you weren’t prepared. It happens to the best of us?

    Mine was as a teenager on an airplane connection with a stop over, the problem was my bags were going all the way through to the destination. I needed new jeans from not being prepared. I had to rock the 90’s jumper around the waist until I could get a new pair of pants. Red faced indeed. I learned to always a pad and tampon regardless.


    My worst and most embarrassing had to be my first… Because my mum was away on a training course, and had not pre-supplied me for this eventual fact of life. I knew my dad was going to be absolutely no help (from his adverse reaction to the idea of sex-ed classes), so approaching him for help wasn’t possible.  

    Thankfully we lived in the same town as my mum’s extended family, so I was able to call my aunt for help. She was rather awesome about the whole situation. She went shopping for me, fed me some panadol (for the pain that not even sex-ed class had warned me about), got me a hot water bottle, and told both my parents.  She was also the only person who warned me not to wear pale coloured shorts (which were very in fashion at the time) saving me from much future embarassment.

    Also @Caiti I hope you learned from your experience about the value of carrying a change of clothes (and any essential medication) in your cabin bag.  I’m so glad I did that on my trip through America, because while I went to Texas, my bag went to Buenos Airies (and back).


    yes, remember to always carry a pad or tampon with you. I remember once I used toilet paper as emergency pads cos I couldn’t find a chemist or convenient store. It was so uncomfortable.


    Once, I slept with someone i had been keen on for a while… and it was only when I got home (after spending the night) that I realised I had been bleeding! I wasn’t when I went to sleep… but I didn’t know when it started and had to text him giving him a heads up that he might want to change his sheets. At least they were navy so I didn’t leave a big Japanese flag :p


    I have PCOS and my cycle is irregular, so it often catches me by surprise. The worst though was when I 19. I thought it was over and spent the night at my boyfriends house (who lived with his parents) and all the sexy time movements must have shook loose whatever was left. To use @EggplantEmoji’s words, I left a big Japanese flag. That was mortifying enough, but while we were out the back having breakfast, his mum must have gone into his bedroom and seen the mess, and came out to tell us she had stripped the bed and was soaking the sheets. I wanted to crawl into a hole.


    Omg @ElleBelle I feel for you. I have PCOS too and an irregular cycle. The worst for me would have to be when my boyfriend at the time, was going down on me… I didn’t have my period when we first started fooling around but by the time he got down there I did, and I didn’t realise till he said something. I nearly died, I was so embarrassed. Luckily he was nice about 😐


    Mine was on a school trip in year 8 to a highschool I was thinking of going to. I got it all over my light jeans and had to turn my sweater inside out and zip it up around me so that it covered both sides of pelvic area. It was the worst! 


    @ElleBelle what a story!!! I once had someone finger me in the dark, only to go to the bathroom a few hours later and find some blood. I had to ask him to go and scrub his hands…luckily he was chill about it :/


    Bless the humble jumper for always being there to disguise period mishaps! And Napisan for it’s stain-removal power, otherwise I would have had to chuck out countless undies and pants. I should be endorsed by Napisan :p


    Napisan is life


    As a guy I never experienced this from your perspectives but def was with a few girls through awkward experiences. I was lucky my mum was pretty active in dispelling myths so it never bothered me much. 

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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