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    I recently read this article on Buzzfeed about someone’s experience of getting a vasectomy.

    I thought it was pretty refreshing, particularly since I find a lot of the discussion surrounding birth control often insinuates it’s more of a female responsibility (with the pill, LARCs etc.) than males. It’s also pretty interesting that men who have had vasectomies are having more sex than those who haven’t!

    What do you guys think of the article? Does there need to be more discussion of vasectomies in the public sphere?


    It is so interesting that you mention this @aunt_flo…just the other day I was in a public bathroom and noticed there was a poster (framed and everything) advertising for vasectomies. It was super positive and depicted a smiling couple- it even had little cards of information available to take away. Extraordinary!


    @aunto_flo do you have a link to the article at all? I agree it’s really refreshing when the narrative switches to a more equal responsibility rather than a focus group (ie; women).

    Definitely needs more discussion though, I think talking about WHY people get them would be a massive help too? I feel like people assume you only get a vasectomy if you’re married and have had too many kids already, or cancer.

    OMG I love when public restrooms exhibit sexual health information!! @earthmama Especially with cute little take home packs I can show off to all my friends hehe


    Oh I thought I hyperlinked a word in my post!

    Nonetheless, here it is @tea 🙂

    That’s true, there’s very little discussion about why people have vasectomies, it’s a pretty fixed narrative that could use a shake up!


    Thanks @aunt_flo! Ah, haha straight up the article is like

    “We’ve got three and we don’t need anymore”

    Very interesting. Uh, can we talk about how freaking expensive the procedure is though?? $660?????? Wtf!

    Also the fact that he’s clearly discussed this with his kids is amazing too!!

    “The kids thought it was very funny that ‘dad had his balls chopped off”


    I really liked that the kids were involved too, @tea! It’s fantastic to have those conversations and make things normal, and easy to bring up.

    It is pretty expensive, but I guess as a one time thing the cost over time works out. Still, it might be difficult for some men to pay that up front.


    Yeah, I wonder if they’re any bulk billing practices for men who want the procedure done but can’t afford it?


    I think it’s awesome that some of the responsibility about reproductive rights is being shifted on to men. @tea you raise a good point that it’s expensive, but it’s a one off thing. How much do you think the average woman spends on the contraceptive pills in her lifetime? I don’t know for sure but I reckon if you added it up, the vasectomy would probably be quite cost effective.

    Also, I assume the equivalent medical procedure for a female would be a hysterectomy, which is much more serious procedure with a longer recovery time and definitely not reversible. If you’re done having kids and are in a stable relationship, and can’t see yourself having any more kids in the future, I think a vasectomy is the least a man could do!

    Although as a gay guy who has a next to zero percent chance of ever naturally conceiving with someone, maybe my thoughts are a little moot? Oh well.


    Definitely agree that contraception is equal responsibility on both partners.

    My partner and I just had this convo the other day because we don’t want kids. I said why don’t you get ‘the snip’ and he was like, ‘you know what I’ve never considered it and that’s not a bad idea’. We use condoms for contraceptive at the moment but because we are in a sexually exclusive relationship (and I cannot take other forms of contraceptive for various reasons), we’ve both been tested for STIs and would prefer not to use condoms – I would really be happy/supportive to him for having a vasectomy.

    your thoughts are very valid! There’s so many ways to make babies / have children like IVF, surrogates, donors and adoption 🙂 (though all expensive / lengthy processes I believe)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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