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    Hello , I am male of 24 years. I have had sex with a non-virgin. I have no
    experience of sex with a virgin. My question is, Is there any difference
    between having sex with a virgin and non-virgin, especially in terms of physical
    and psychological aspects for men. 


    Hi RMahato and welcome to PlaySafe! That’s a good great question – as far as I am aware there isn’t much difference however some may perceive extra societal pressure etc. @Nurse_Nettie will know best though!


    Hi @RMahato, the truth is there isn’t any real physical difference between a woman who has had vaginal sex & a woman who hasn’t! Some people think you can tell by whether or not the hymen is intact, but the hymen often breaks down without any penetration at all! It’s a very delicate bit of tissue that commonly disappears without bleeding or pain.

    The psychological experience for a man having sex with a virgin is about him rather than her. His values & culture & relationship all influence how he’ll think & feel about any sexual experience. There isn’t one way to feel about having sex with a virgin. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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