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    Calling all people with vulvas! Do you think you would be able to pick a cast/photo of your vulva from a lineup? Let’s say it’s a cast/photo of the fleshy part of the vulva (i.e. labia majora spread so you can see labia minora, urethra, clitoris, clitoral hood, vaginal opening, etc.) in a line of 20 others, do you think you could do it?
    I would say I’m extremely familiar with my vulva, but I’m still not sure if I could do it!


    This is such an interesting thought. I am relatively familiar with mine, although I still don’t know that I could…


    I think I could pick out ones that have similar features to mine (I’m pretty familiar with mine as well!) but as for picking the correct one, I’m not too sure!


    Ohhh @sextronaut just like the Great Wall of Vagina ?? I was at Mona in Tasmania a couple of weekends ago and I was able to point out a few that I thought looked like mine (though don’t know how I would go in a lineup with my actual vagina in it)


    Vulvas & vaginas are as unique as any other part of our bodies! I love this topic & hope it encourages a little exploration at home 🙂

    Check out the Labia Library for great health info for those concerned about their labia plus a photo gallery of a variety of vulvas! The Vulva Gallery is another art project, this one includes illustrations & personal stories.


    Ooooh this is such an interesting question @sextronaut wow um, I’m not sure I could? I’ve looked at my vulva in the mirror a few times and even taken photos to get a better look but I’m just not sure.

    @stephaniaaaah omg so jealous, I LOVE that piece!!!! How big was it in person?


    @tea it’s such an amazing piece – it’s all life sized and I am not sure how many there are in total but it was along the length of a a couple of corridors! I did buy some vulva souvenirs from the museum shop to give as gifts 🙂


    @stephaniaaaah I’d so love to go! I’ve received a couple of souvenirs myself, one postcard which is on display with all my sex and relationships books (I call it the sex-tion part of my bookshelf!) and the other is a soap which I’ll never use because it’s just too stunning.


    @sextonaut ohhhh the soaps, I wouldn’t use it either, they are so amazing! I just got some of the magnets & cards too – i need a sex-tion part on my bookshelf!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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