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    I have just binged this show and I have so many questions/thoughts/concerns!!
    Anyone else out there need to chit chat??


    So creepy! I feel like the producers have made it so we feel bad for Joe and kind of justify his actions like “oh he had a bad upbringing and he’s doing all this because he loves her”.

    It was really interesting to watch but maybe not sending the best message?


    Keen bean for season 2!

    I thought the show was a little bit painful, e.g. when Bec left her window and curtains widddddeee open AND when Joe was able to stalk her with just a cap hiding his appearance.

    But otherwise, I really enjoyed it! I do find it a little bit creepy that quite a few people seem to think Joe is a great boyfriend, though!


    Yay! Fellow watchers @goldenrose @aunt_flo. I totally agree and felt pretty awkward myself because I definitely permitted Joe’s awful actions for far longer than was appropriate because of his ‘good qualities’.
    I listened to a very interesting interview with the writers who made me think a lot about the way we are conditioned to always root for the love story. They said that because the show was set up as a love story (with both characters appearing in the first scene with a cute meeting) audiences would always been subconsciously rooting for it to work out- even to the detriment of morality.
    This made me think a lot about what treatment we accept from others, especially partners, because we are so focused on this end goal of romantic love. Really freaked me out…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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