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    An interesting conversation that I had with friends made me think about what people call their genitals. Apparently, penis used to be referred to as a “verge”, which made me giggle a lot and gives a new meaning to ‘verge pick-up’!

    That got me thinking about what people call their genitalia. Usually, I refer to scientific terms when talking about genitalia, but only outside of the bedroom. In the bedroom, there are more vulgar descriptions used because it feels sexier.

    What do you call your genitals? Do you refer to them at all? Do you call them different things depending on the context or person you are talking to? What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard someone calling theirs? My mum likes to use wee wee.


    That’s a new one! Never heard of ‘verge’ before.

    I prefer biological names too. I think it’s a bit weird when parents ‘sanitise’ the words vagina and penis in front of their kids and then the kids repeat the sanitised version. Like..they’re the biological name. It’s like calling your elbow your pointy-wointy or something.


    This is such a good point. So many parents don’t realise how sanitising the name of a body part just shrouds their kids in shame and begins the inability to talk about it. My siblings and I grew up referring to our vaginas as our ‘front bottoms’. Hilarious when I write it out…
    Now I speak very clinically 😛


    omg @aunt_flo ‘pointy-wointy’ hahahaha!

    My niece is growing up with biological names in her household and I couldn’t be more proud! She calls her vulva her ‘wohvah’ currently, I love it so much.
    I grew up with ‘fanny’ and ‘willy’, dabbled with the incorrect use of ‘vagina’ but now use the clinical names, vulva and penis! During frisky times I might use ‘dick’, ‘cock’, ‘balls’ ‘clit’ or ‘inside me’ as names/describing phrases. Does anyone else use different names during sex?


    @aunt_flo pointy-wointy!!!! iconic omg

    yeah good point about setting the stage for not being able to talk about sex in proper terms!

    Yes!! I’m definitely more,,,vulgar with my terms during sex!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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