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    So i was chatting to a bi friend recently about what happens when they get an STI check.

    When he went in to a sexual clinic they recommended he did an anal swob, HIV blood test, and a pee in a cup test. They also let him do his own anal swob.

    I (a bi women) went to the same sexual health clinic and I was recommended something completely different!
    I was asked only to have a vaginal swob and not even offered or asked if i wanted to do it myself.

    I’m wondering what kind of methods of testing do you do when you get an STI check?


    Hey @curiousss I’m a straight women and I just get asked to either pee in a cup or do my own swab – both which I find super easy. I wonder why they did it for you – maybe @nurse_nettie has some insight on that.. My GP has done the swab for me before at the same time I had a pap smear (now the cervical screen) buy yes I just DIY!

    I do know that testing is different depending on your gender and who you have sex with as well!

    Would love to hear what other people’s experiences are


    I’ve had a blood and urine test done – never a swab though.

    I wonder if there’s a ‘standard’ way to test, or if it doesn’t much matter as long as long as you’re tested for everything.


    @curiousss I’m a bi-bean too and have never been offered a swab?? What does that check for? Like, @stephaniaaaah I’ve only had that done when I’ve had a cervical screening done. Maybe it would be different if I went to a sexual health clinic? @nurse_nettie?

    I very luckily have a good GP who has asked if I have a partner or multiple! So no gender or preference is assumed, just good health checks. Though I don’t think I’ve ever had a blood test either, @aunt_flo what does that test for?

    Very interesting that we seem to have very varying experiences with STI testing when really it should be universal.


    Same here, @tea I’ve only ever done a blood and urine test for an STI test and only been swabbed during a pap smear.

    Is a swab test something I should be asking for?


    I’ve always assumed that everyone was tested the same way (with blood and urine tests.) I’ve never considered if ones sexual orientation or sexual practices they participate in determines different testing methods.

    I second that @goldenrose. Should I be asking for a swab test?


    STI testing may seem complicated! @curiousss There are different tests for different infections & it depends on your gender, the sex your having & the gender of your partners as to what risks are involved. Both GPs & sexual health clinics use the same standard type of tests.
    Urine tests & vaginal swabs are both accurate @tea @catdog @goldenrose. They pick up the DNA of the infections, like Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea so either test is good. These samples can be collected by yourself if you aren’t experiencing symptoms. For convenience the swab maybe offered at the time of a cervical screen too.
    If you only had anal sex with a sex partner (& no vaginal sex) an anal swab may be needed. The same applies for a throat swab & oral sex too. It’s totally ok to ask if these are needed & be guided by your doctor or nurse.
    Blood tests are usually for HIV, Hepatitis B & syphilis.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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