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    “You roll off of me, get up, take the condom off/pee/do whatever it is people with penises do in the bathroom immediately after they’ve come (world’s great, great mysteries), put your pants on, come back into bed, and fall asleep.  Sex is now over. Sex is now over because you have decided it is over.”
    What I would have said to you last night, had you not cum and then fallen asleep
    This is a side of sexual ethics that doesn’t get talked about so much – what do you think?


    Always gotta ensure they score before you score, or you score together. Simples.!


    You definitely have to make sure each other is satisfied.  If I was with a guy that was just going at it like a jack-rabbit I would tell him that unless I came first, it would be off! It has taken years of practice to get to a point where I am comfortable to call the shots.  If they are not interested in satisfying me, I’m not going to be bothered tbh 🙂 


    ohh man do not get me started on the ways ppl break this unsaid code!!
    1. do not immediately roll over and go on Facebook
    2. do not sigh and proceed to “finish me off” like you’re lazily patting a dog
    3. do not fall asleep before your man juice has even seeped out of me
    4. do not jokingly refer to me as any sort of prostitute


    I hate this attitude! It’s gross. Even casual sexual relationships are mutual and should be for mutual benefit in my opinion. 


    This is such a good article! But it’s still so frustrating that the onus is on women to explain this- shouldn’t be out responsibility! I always wonder about if things like tinder accidentally encourage this sort of thing…. like, we’ve pretty much got an app that we can use to arrange sex whenever (which is awesome!), but it’s way harder to communicate when it’s casual sex.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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