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    So I just finished reading “Why is the penis shaped like that?” and one chapter was devoted to female ejaculation (and more specifically whether it has an adaptive evolutionary function). Anyway, according to Jesse and his research on this topic, there hasn’t been any new conclusive research on what female ejaculate actually IS for 20 years. I was honestly shocked but also curious? This book was published in 2012 so surely there was something around now that could tell me what female ejaculate is?

    I’ve done a good long search into this and I’ve not come up with many results. Not only do we seem to not know where female ejaculate is formed or what it’s for, but there’s also no name for it? Scientifically anyway. I guess you could also coin the term as ‘squirting’.

    “The release of fluid (not urine) from the urethra that can occur with any orgasm, but is often associated with g-spot orgasm. The fluid is most likely secreted by the Skene’s glands located near the urethra.”Play Safe

    What I did find is that there is a LOT of discussion on this topic, but just no bloody answers!! I found an article from Cosmopolitan where a bunch of women discussed their own experiences with squirting. An article discussing whether you can teach yourself to squirt or not. There was an article with some scientific data on female ejaculate. Even the Sydney Morning Herald wanted in on the conversation!

    Though, as mentioned in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (2015):

    “To date, both the nature and the origin of squirting remain controversial.”

    I just have so many questions!!! What IS female ejaculate? Why don’t we have a name for it? (Ejillculate?) What do you think? Tell me your thoughts and please do share any other information you might have on the issue!!


    Hahahaha ejillculate is perfect!

    I have no idea either! I’ve gone down a similar rabbit hole when I first heard about squirting. I read articles about women trying to squirt on white towels to establish if they were ‘squirting’ or just peeing. There really doesn’t seem to be a lot of definite info out there!

    I think porn has popularised it, or brought it to the public (or private 😉 ) realm. But the way it’s portrayed in porn seems a litttttle unrealistic/staged to say the least.


    Hey @tea, that’s so interesting that there’s been no research on it for 20 years.

    I feel like it’s a bit of a novelty thing because of the way it’s spoken about, almost like a challenge. I’ve never done it myself but am intrigued as to how to get there. Do you think everyone is capable of it? Or, like our bodies all being different, maybe some can and some can’t??

    I totally agree on the porn industry comment. It seems very staged and over the top to have it literally shoot out…and so much too!


    Hmm I think all bodies are different and maybe some people just can’t or need to in a different way @yogigirl Definitely something that needs more research for sure!!


    Yes @tea I agree. It comes back to each of us being so unique and loving our bodies as they are ????

    Maybe one day I’ll be surprised and it will happen – who knows!


    Am interested in this thread too…have never experienced this for myself but wondering if it’s an individual thing and some women do it and some don’t? Or if we’re all capable of it?

    Candi Maxx

    This is a super interesting and very under reasearched topic! I work in an adult shop in South Africa and we have ladies asking about this on almost a daily basis, and questions regarding it are difficult to answer question. I do think the porn industry puts a lot on ‘pressure’ on ladies to ejaculate (or gives men an unrealistic expectation of making their partners ejaculate) – when so few women have actually had any experiece with this.

    research indicates that it may be associated with gspot orgasm but we have had quiet a few ladies say that using a ‘pleasure air toy’ like the Womanizer or Satisfyer allowed tehm to squirt for the first time. This really interests me as these toys focus on clitoral stimulation…

    I look forward to learning more!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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