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    So often when you google a form of contraception, from condoms, to the pill, to long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs, like the IUD), you read about horror stories and worst case scenarios.

    It can be really off-putting for someone who is either new to contraception, or is looking to change methods.

    So, let’s offer the opposite side of things: what’s your favourite thing about your method of contraception (even if you don’t use it for pregnancy prevention)?

    For me, the implant (implanon) has been terrific. I haven’t had a period in months, no longer get intense nausea (caused by my period), and don’t have to worry about it – it’s in my arm and I’m constantly protected!


    Ohh the implanon sounds so friendly @aunt_flo! Are you able to feel it through the skin? I really loved my IUD because I could just forget about it and I didn’t get my period for the most part. I also really love condoms! They’re easy to carry and have a ton of uses – plus they help protect me against STI’s!

    It’d be cool if GP’s/clinics gave you little start up packs when you start having sex with a bunch of different contraceptive methods in it for you to try out.


    @tea it’s really working for me so far!

    At first I had a ‘phantom’ sort of feeling and could feel that something was in my arm. But it only took a few weeks for that sensation to go. Now, I can’t feel it unless I actively search for it. It’s nice to still be able to feel it, though, and know that it’s there and working!

    Condoms are pretty great! It’s awesome that they can be used in different ways too, like if you cut up a condom to use as a dental dam.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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