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    I had a thing with a couple of people and when i said i would ask them out when i next see them they were all for it and then they suddenly said nah i dont like you like that and i am now really lost


    Hi @traitrai and welcome to PlaySafe. I understand it’s really frustrating and upsetting when someone appears to change their mind emotionally but it’s important to remember that everyone emotions are complex and often confusing and is allowed to change their mind and that should be respected. They might appear to change their mind for lots of reasons. Perhaps they just have in fact changed their mind, or they’re shy or scared? It’s hard to say what the issue or change was unfortunetly! 


    Welcome @traitrai. So are you, like, flirting with them and it seems like they’re flirting back but then it’s a no go? That exact thing basically happened to me last week (but with a dude) and it sucked, so I know the feeling.
    Flirting can be kinda complicated, some people do it because they’re genuinely interested in the other person and some people don’t take it too seriously. The best way to find out is just to ask them out, like you’ve been doing. When you ask them out, are you just asking them on a date or to be your girlfriend? Also, and I apologise if this comes off a bit blunt, but why not just ask them out right there and then rather than the next time you see them?


    Hey @traitrai, I totally get how you feel! It can be super confusing at times (and can happen across all genders). I like the advice that both @CloakOfAsh and @ElleBelle have given, and totally second that it’s great that you’re asking – are you asking them out to see a movie or something else casual? 


    Hats off to you @traitrai! As far as I’m concerned it takes huge guts to ask someone out, so well done you for getting out there. Tell us a bit more about what’s been going on and hopefully we can help you feel a little less lost o:)


    Hey @traitrai, how has everything been going? We hope that you’ve managed to feel a little less lost asking people out – let us know! 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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