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    Have you ever been in a situation where the parents or friends of your partner just didn’t like you? How did you deal with it?


    Tricky one! I haven’t been in the situation but other than remedying the issues maybe just being civil and being aware of one another’s differing views etc might make it workable?


    My partner’s step sister doesn’t like me, which is okay because I do not like her. However we deal with it by simply showing respect to one another. Saying hi when walking in and bye walking out as an example. 


    I’ve totally been there with his mother… after all these years she still doesn’t consider me family, and often acts like I don’t matter/exist. (She does the same to my the partner of her daughter too). I’ve learned to stop caring, or to make jokes about it when she isn’t around – it helps that my partner finds it as awkward funny as I do.

    And my partner is in the situation where my family didn’t understand him (because religious differences, and they aren’t very well informed about anything outside of the family church)


    I agree with @Diana_1996 – being respectful is always a good way to go. 

    I think my boyfriend’s parents like me, but there’s a bit of a language barrier so it can be a bit hard to relate sometimes. Being respectful, asking general questions, e.g. how their day was has been a good way to move forward, however slowly. 


    yeah that is hard. I always had this feeling my ex’s mum didn’t like me… she always got two sets of family photos one with me one without then would get the without one printed!!! 

    I was always nice and respectful to her so I don’t know what was going on there… 

    Recently I found out that she has now blocked me on Facebook LOL 

    I guess sometimes people just don’t like you…. 


    Yes! In high school, my ex’s mum apparently didn’t like me in the beginning because she thought all girls were “sluts”! So strange because I hadn’t dated anyone except her son. Once he told her (a few months into our relationship) I wasn’t anywhere near ready for sex yet she was totally fine with me! The way I dealt with it then, was by always trying to frame myself as a studious and committed ‘good girl’. It caused me so much stress because I was always monitoring my language around his mum.

    Completely agree with @MsBlueStreak though! Now I try hard not to let parents and friends of my partner bother me. Way less stressful!


    Omg @CookieMonster, two sets is harsh! I guess it’s all worked out for the best…. :#

    @peachy What challenging / interesting / scary stereotyping! I can see how that would have been so stressful.


    @Kit yeah it sucked but thats all in the past now thankfully!!! 

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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