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    I have white particles in my urine.

    Had chlamydia previous – all clear now
    sti test – all negative
    cystoscopy – all clear

    What could this possibly be?


    Hi @fruitcake123, it’s great to read you got tested for STI’s!
    Urine is a waste product of your bodies metabolism. It gets filtered by the kidneys & sent to your bladder until you pee to get rid of it from the body.
    You’re urine will change in colour and concentration depending how much water you drink.
    If you’re dehydrated (say from hot weather, over-excercise or alcohol, for example) it will be more darker & concentrated. Sometimes you might see white flecks in it too.
    If this is happening, the best way to improve it is drink more water! The daily requirement for drinking water is 2.5 litres per day 🙂


    Thanks @Nurse_Nettie for the swift response. Much appreciated.

    I’ve been seeing these specks for a couple of months already (it keeps happening!). I have been keeping myself very well hydrated with lots of water throughout the day. Could this possibly be a sign of another infection i am unaware of?

    I’d also like to note that tip of my penis is very slightly red and the glans is kinda of whitish. And i think little discharge is present (clear colour). I also have urethral discomfort after long periods of sitting down. Certainly, this cannot be STI as testing was all negative.

    What possibly could this be? A UTI or?


    You’re welcome @fruitcake123! It’s also great to hear that you’re drinking lots of water. Specks in urine is not usually a sign of infection. Generally signs of a UTI (urinary tract infection) or an STI (sexually transmitted infection) is pain when passing urine. As you had a cystoscopy it’s likely the doctor also checked your urine for infection, before this procedure.
    A common skin condition that causes redness of the tip of the penis, whiteness of the glans & sometimes a penile discharge is called ‘balanitis.’ It’s not an STI. It’s often caused by hot humid weather, tight clothing or washing with too much soap. If you’re unsure visit your GP who will let you know about treatments available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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