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    “Startup Kin Fertility is looking to revolutionise sexual and reproductive health in Australia with the launch of an online subscription service for the contraceptive pill this week.””…Kin Fertility customers complete an online health questionnaire and this patient information is then reviewed by qualified Australian doctors.The doctors engage in a text-based consultation and, if assessed as suitable, the customer can access a prescription to the contraceptive pill delivered to their door, avoiding the need to make a doctor’s appointment.Kin Fertility offers access to 35 brands of the contraceptive pill and costs $55 a year in addition to the cost of the pill.”

    I had heard of services like this in places like the US, but didn’t realise they were launching in Australia! Provided you meet certain criteria, you can get the pill delivered to your door.

    I’d have a few worries about it – like what would happen if the delivery was left on my doorstep on a hot day! But, I have to admit, the convenience factor of not having to wait in a doctor’s office just to get a script filled is very tempting.

    Would you use this service? Do you wish a similar service existed for other options, like condoms and lubricants?


    This is kind of cool @earthmama I think it could make the contraceptive pill more accessible in some ways though there is the added price tag of $55.

    I haven’t used much in I guess e-health except for online counseling for example with quit-line and I found that useful. I know you can get home delivered STI tests (I’m not sure if there was a consultation) so this feels like a natural progression.

    Personally I chopped and changed with my contraceptive options and when the pill stopped working out for me I did like to go to my doctor to have a discussion about all the options. I guess if you’re on something that works for you why line up in a doctors office?!

    I think postal condoms and lubricants is a great idea


    I’ve just joined this forum so thought I would weigh in on my experience as a consumer of Kin Fertility’s contraceptive delivery service 🙂

    I initially began using this service in around March/April. My main motivator for this was as you identified @aunt_flo , I didn’t really want to have to go and sit in my GP’s waiting room to get a script for the same pill I’d been taking for nearly 5 years! As someone who has been on a contraceptive pill that works super well with my body for an extended period of time, it was a really straightforward process to go through the online questionnaire for Kin’s doctors to review and write me a script. I’m not sure how this process would go for someone who was looking to actually start on a new contraceptive though, as when I first started taking the pill, I initially had a face-to-face discussion with my GP which I found to be really helpful in looking at all my options and allowing me to raise any questions or concerns I had.

    The other thing I really like about Kin is that they automatically send me my repeats, so I don’t get caught running out of my pills because I’ve forgotten to go and get my script filled.

    As for the $55 subscription fee @stephaniaaaah, whilst this definitely wasn’t ideal, I justified this by thinking of costs I was saving by not going to the doctor e.g. paying gap fees for doctors who do not bulk bill, travel costs associated with going to the doctor as well as needing to take time off work to go. Whilst it is probably still more costly to use Kin’s service, the convenience factor for me is just too appealing. Hopefully with e-health really on the rise, we see more and more of this accessible forms of reproductive health at reduced prices though (fingers crossed).


    Glad it’s working out for you so far @dirtychai! I once had to wait over an hour just to see my GP and get a prescription for the pill that I had been on for years, so I totally get the convenience factor!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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