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    What was your first tampon experience like?

    AH GUYS omg, so I used my FIRST TAMPON this week!!! I’m 26 and have been menstruating since I was 12 and have never ever used one of these bad boys before. Why? I was scared. So so scared. I used to think it would get lost in there (a myth!) or that I would forget it’s in there (unlikely!)

    I would have gone my entire life without using one tbh but I was forced to. There was bleeding and my underwear was RUINED and I had no pads at home but I did have some free tampons I got at an event I went to.

    It was a lone little cotton bullet – no applicator. How far up does this thing go? I really didn’t know. I frantically texted my girlfriend, “HOW DO I PUT A TAMPON IN???!?!??!” It took a lot of squatting – but she went in. It didn’t get lost. I didn’t forget it was in there. Though taking it out was a challenge and I was VERY scared it wouldn’t come out. I think me being so tense didn’t help. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be using one again. I found the whole experience uncomfortable so I’ll stick to pads for now.

    What was your first tampon experience like? Were you scared too? How did you figure out how to put it in? How old were you when you first used one? Have you ever used one?

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    Hi @tea congratulations on doing something that was scary! Sounds like it was a stressful experience but you got it done! I know so many people don’t enjoy the idea of tampons and completely understand the fear. I think I was about 16 when I first used one (that’s when I first got my period – quite late haha) and I don’t wear pads anymore except to sleep. To be honest I just hate the feeling of pads especially when exercising or in the heat. I was pretty scared the first time, I remember it taking quite a while. It wasn’t a great first experience but practice makes perfect. I just remember my best friend being out the front of the bathroom saying I had to keep pushing it a full fingers length in (good advice haha).


    I was scared to start using tampons too! I first got my period when I was 12 and don’t think I start using tampons until I was about 17 or 18! My first few experiences were quite stressful too and I don’t think I was inserting them properly as I remember having some discomfort. Now I am completely comfortable and have switched to using a mensural cup and would absolutely recommend using a cup if it is something you are comfortable with! There is a whole thread dedicated to mensural cups here: https://playsafe.health.nsw.gov.au/forums/topic/menstural-cups/


    I used to do swim squad so the first time i used a tampon was when I was 12. I found it so tricky to figure out how to insert it.

    The first time i tried using one was before my swim squad practice and i didn’t put the tampon in far enough. My vagina felt SO uncomfortable from the half sticking out tampon that as soon as training was over i ran straight into the bathroom and pull it out – what a disaster! Why did i put up with that pain the whole practice! i thought this was what using a tampon was meant to be like (lol hell no).

    I soon after realised how good applicators are for learning how to use a tampon and eventually learnt how comfortable tampons were meant to be after that
    Now tampons are my go to and i have no problems – i guess practice and time to figure out how its works makes perfect!!


    @purple Thank you!!! Overcoming my fears one tampon at a time haha Yeah my girlfriend gave me the same advice about shoving one entire finger up there which to me, just seemed so deep? Even though that kind of thing goes in there all the time when I’m not bleeding hahah

    not sure I could use a cup to be honest! I think I’ll stick to period undies and reusable pads, as much as I love the idea of a cup I just don’t love the feeling!

    If only I had an applicator with my first one haha! Still wasn’t too bad but just not sure I could do it again..

    I only really bleed very lightly (if ever) anyway since I have an IUD currently inserted. So period undies and liners work great for me at the moment (thank goodness!) Do you ever think about using something that isn’t a tampon? Like a cup? Or reusable item? Free bleeding anyone?


    Woohooo @tea!

    My first experience was pretty much a non-experience. I tried and tried and tried and the stupid tampon wouldn’t go in.

    Obviously, at the time I thought I was broken, but it turns out my hymen was still in tact. Once that tore, I had no problem with them.

    I don’t use them any longer though – I find that they’re too drying and it makes repeat used throughout the day really uncomfortable. Part of the reason I now use the cup!


    @aunt_flo My first experience felt much the same! Though I was too stubborn to stop trying haha, of course, if I was in massive pain I would have! I totally feel the same about the dryness effect too, big reason why I won’t use them anymore.

    That’s so interesting about the hymen thing, I wonder if that’s a common experience? @nurse_nettie did you have any input about that?


    @tea I love this topic! It took me years to figure out tampons. I would sit in front of a full length mirror for hours trying to get it in, and it would always end in tears! I think it was mostly down to the fear, so my vagina was tensing up too much to let it through. I ended up sitting out of my year 7 swim school because I couldn’t figure it out – so upsetting and embarrassing at the time. I told all the boys that I had a kidney infection so I couldn’t participate – hahah! Then one day I went to the beach and tried again, and had the same experience as you, @curiousss! It was definitely not in far enough and was super uncomfortable. In the end it actually helped me to try the ultra mini tampons from U without an applicator and it went straight in! The applicator made it far too difficult for me and once I figured out that you were actually supposed to stick a finger inside it made sense! I used tampons for about 5 years after that, then switched to the cup 2 years ago and loving it. I only ever use tampons for emergencies now, if I’m caught somewhere without my cup.


    This whole chain is so relatable, my goodness! Go @tea!! I also found tampons terrifying until recently. I got my period at 11 and used pads for years and years, trying tampons intermittently- which always ended in tears. I felt like there was something very wrong with my body- of course I was always super tense…
    Then I had penetrative sex and literally the next week- I tried a tampon and it slid in perfectly. For the first time in my life! I am having an ‘ahah’ moment now and thinking that my hymen must have been intact all this time… thanks @aunt_flo !! The mystery is solved!
    Why does nobody tell you about this!?!


    @aunt_flo, @tea I have the same drying issue as you guys, so I abandoned the tampon ship, but when I was playing a lot of sport and swimming loads in high school they were a life saver!

    Interesting how you found the applicators @sextronaut and @curiousss – I’ve been using tampons since I was 12 but never an applicator – they scare me way more than the tampons themselves! I also had someone give me the ‘full finger’ tip – it’s a winner. If it hurts, generally I think its just not in far enough.

    But my actual first tampon experience – traumatic as hell (and not in the same way as @sextronaut, you poor thing!). My fam was on a beach holiday and I had my period, and so wasn’t swimming. My mum was not having ANY of that so she went to the chemist, bought me tampons, KY jelly (lube) and a handheld mirror, and then talked me through it (lube it up for the first time, squat over mirror for guidance ???? ) standing outside the bathroom door in full earshot of everyone, going ‘push it in further!’ ????. Honestly, while it was traumatic as hell for 13 year old me, it did make me pretty comfortable with tampons and my body in general – though I would have a few notes for her for next time on being a little more chill about it ????????????


    @sextronaut yeah definitely I think it was a fear issue for me too! Though I’m still absolutely terrified of using one so I don’t think I could give it another go.

    omg that sounds so traumatising for a 13-year-old! But a funny story to tell now?


    @tea At the time, mortifying but on the flip side I guess I have mum to thank for my very blase and frank approach to the Venn of sex, bodies and health now ????‍♀️


    Hey @tea, I saw this post and had to comment as I was in exactly the same situation as you! This month I used a tampon for the first time and i’m 26. I had all the same questions and luckily had a good group of girls with me who helped me out.

    I actually found the first one SO STRANGE and foreign to have in and was constantly scared it was going to come out or I would leak but all went well.

    It has literally changed my life! I can’t believe I went so long without using them. I used to just not swim during my period but I was on holiday at the beach for the week and it was not an option. After getting comfortable with wearing a tampon I was in and out of the water, surfing and swimming happily with no concerns.

    Are you still using them now?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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