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    I hear this term getting used a lot as more an insult than a sexual health term. Which got me thinking, what are peoples thoughts on ‘douching’ I know many people do it for hygiene purposes but is it really that hygienic? @Nurse_Nettie


    I’m not one for douching-not because I think there’s inherently anything wrong with it, but I just think it’s often time consuming and a bit fiddly. Also, I suppose I always worry about the pH levels around the vagina, so I even try to avoid getting soap around there. The vagina is already a self cleaning system, so I suppose I’m also ‘Douches are just to get more money out of women by scaring them that their vaginas are awful without them!’ (Do NOT get me started on gendered marketing lol)


    Totally agree with @sc170! It’s a bad marketing ploy in my opinion. Vaginas can pretty much clean themselves. Douches, and other things like feminine washes and towelettes (like baby wipes!) specific to vaginas aren’t necessary and just reinforce the damaging ‘vaginas are dirty’ myth!


    @mak_trouble891 douching has no hygenic benefit, in fact it has the opposite effect! @sc170 explained it well: the vagina is already a self-cleaning system! Any kind of washes going inside the vagina disrupt the perfect balance of bacteria there that keeps you healthy. Douching or even too much washing can actually cause infections like thrush and bacterial vaginosis.  Don’t believe the hype! Your vagina (complete with normal discharge & smell) is a beautiful thing all on its own! 


    Totally agree about how there is so much discussion scaring women that their vaginas are awful! Did everyone see that horrendous ‘trend’ about sharing a photo of clean undies (i.e. with no discharge)? Just ick.


    No?! really that’s terrible. I don’t think there is enough positive discussion about discharge and the normality of it.


    It was horrible @mak_trouble891. Wouldn’t it be great to see a trend that celebrates Self-Cleaning Wonder Machines* instead?

    *Patent pending 😉


    @Kit @mak_trouble891 the trend was so awful that even the LAD Bible called it out for being stupid.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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